Dr. Annie Bukacek: Rational, Factual, and Reasonable-Demonstrating Impeccable Research Skills


Below are two Letters submitted to Montana First News on behalf of Dr. Annie Bukacek, who is running for Public Service Commissioner District 5. The topics addressed are Bukacek’s impeccable research skills (which include how she uses facts from unbiased sources). Her conclusions concerning “green energy” are well thought out by weighing every aspect of the issue.

Dear letter to the editor:

“Dr. Bukacek is a courageous truth-teller who is devoted to facts from research, not from sound bites and pseudoscience.

Dr. Bukacek is not anti-solar and anti-wind power. She is for telling the truth, meaning these are not all they’re cracked up to be. 

 Dr. Bukacek points out not only that wind and sun cannot provide 24/7 power (because the sun doesn’t always shine, the wind doesn’t always blow, and windmills don’t turn in winter temperatures (like we get in Montana) and that they are not clean, green or renewable.

During Dr. Bukacek’s presentations, she offered that anything can be recycled, yet to say the solar panels are clean is misleading the consumers. The solar panels last maybe 15-20 years, and then they end up in a garbage dump. The solar panels are not green and are unclean as well as non-renewable.

Dr. Bukacek’s devotion to her patients is why she has been voted the #1 doctor four years in a row in Flathead County. I have no doubt she will give her full devotion to this PSC position to serve all Montanans.

If you want a solutions-oriented Public Service Commissioner, I strongly urge you to vote for Dr. Annie Bukacek.

For more information, please check out Bukacek4PSC.com

Thank you.

Scotia Brosnan
Kalispell, Montana

Dr. Bukacek is a master at uncovering and discovering the facts.


“I am writing this letter in earnest to alert Montanans about an opportunity we have in the upcoming election for Public Service Commissioner (District 5).   We have a candidate who cannot be bought and paid for as she is firmly rooted in the principles of truth and is known for her devotion to following facts from thorough and unbiased research. 

When she dedicates herself to a cause, she commits fully, which is why she’s been voted the number one doctor four years in a row in Flathead County.  We can trust she will give this same level of attention to the PSC position as she is excited to serve all Montanans. 

Rising and future utility prices, potential brownouts/blackouts, and energy crises are becoming more common and severe across our country, as well as around the world.  If you’ve seen any of her presentations, it is clear she is already working on solutions to these problems and that she will step into office on her first day ready to go to battle to safeguard our access to the power and water we need to live.  Her opposition clings to the narrative that she is “anti-green energy.”  This is untrue as she is simply in favor of making informed decisions based on the complete list of pros/cons, as opposed to some who blindly pursue “green” power with no care nor consideration for the negative impacts.

Energy problems in Montana may be hard to imagine because we haven’t experienced any serious setbacks.  Let’s not allow our lack of past hardships lull us into complacency in seeing future risks.  We have a big opportunity to be proactive in combatting energy problems with her at the helm so let’s not miss our chance.  Join me in voting for Dr. Annie Bukacek for PSC5 in November!”


Bret Bailey

Lakeside, MT

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