Secrets Revealed: Glacier High School Teen Abused by Teacher/Principal


No, they didn’t hit her. No, they didn’t beat her. But what they did to her was a form of abuse.

Earlier this fall (actually late summer) a teenage girl transferred from Columbia Falls High School to attend Glacier High School in Kalispell, MT.

Upon her first day of school, she was forced (as were all the students in her class) to give their birth names and their ‘preferred pronouns’ to which she simply refused. Each student was called upon to do as they were asked and (assuming she didn’t want to lie which is what playing the ‘pronoun gender game’ is) she stated quite frankly,

“I’m not doing that; I’m a girl and if you can’t tell that then you have a problem.”

In other words, she wouldn’t put up with the teacher’s nonsense nor was she about to LIE. The teacher then kicked her out of the class. She went home and told her parents about the event and they returned LIVID to which the principal replied, “There’s nothing I can do about it.”

So the teacher sent her home and the principal abdicated by allowing it. (We do not know which teacher pulled this clown act and we don’t know which principal refused to take responsibility but we do know she stood up for her personal convictions and “bodily autonomy” (personal rights) according to Montana State Constitution and we commend her. When those in authority abuse their power students need to stand up and call them out.

In the words of Pink Floyd,

“We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone”

This is what these public schools have come to. “Give into the gender deception or we will kick you out and remove you.”

Well we commend this brave girl for refusing to play this lying and deceptive game.

If you or someone you know hears of abusive measures such as this in public classrooms or anywhere for that matter be sure and contact Montana 1st News so we can expose this evil.

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