Racicot, the “Republican,” Endorses Ingrid Gustafson (and Promotes Monica Tranel)


Although those running for Montana Supreme Court Justice are ‘non-partisan,’ in Justice Ingrid Gustafson’s case it doesn’t take much to figure out the temperature of the matter.

Racicot (according to his mailer below) is a Republican. However, this is quite confusing. Granted, Racicot was the “Chair, Republican National Committee 2002,2003.” However on the “Flathead First” Website (a RINO site view by clicking here) Racicot is quoted where he speaks about the “Great Middle” (which appears non-partisan), which in turn brings us back to the ‘non-partisan’ race and Gustafson who is running for Montana Supreme Court Justice!

Racicot endorses not only Ingrid Gustafson but promotes Monica Tranel as well who is a Democrat.

“…the Great Middle is in the process of organizing itself with a higher goal, quietly but surely, not by express agreement or party affiliation, but by standards of decency, integrity, honor and faithfulness to the best interests of the Republic…”

– February 13, 2022 letter written by Marc Racicot (Montana Governor 1993-2001; Chair, Republican National Committee, 2002-2003) to current Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel

How can Racicot in one breath state “not by express agreement or party affiliation” and in the next be sending out mailers statewide which reveal him to be unapologetically “REPUBLICAN?”

In Montana, Republicans (we assume most ‘Republicans’) are pro-life. Therefore wouldn’t it go to reason that Racicot (who claims to be a ‘Republican’) would most likely be pro-life as well? And if that indeed is his stance, then why is he promoting Gustafson, who admits she is unashamedly for the “right to privacy?” (And although that statement doesn’t include the word ‘abortion’ when Planned Parenthood of Montana refers to the “right to privacy,” that is precisely what it is referring to. Click here to see proof.

Helena MT – The ACLU of Montana, the National Women’s Law Center and the Center for Reproductive Rights filed an amicus brief in support of Planned Parenthood, in their case challenging four new laws attacking forced pregnancies. These laws were enacted during the 2021 legislation session and violate Montana’s constitutionally protected right to privacy.  

The brief argues that the Montana Supreme Court in Armstrong v. State, which the Montana Attorney General now seeks to overturn, correctly held that “the explicit right to privacy in the Montana Constitution protects personal decision-making free from unwarranted government interference, including the right to choose abortion.” Moreover, the Armstrong holding is in alignment with the high court rulings of other states that also have explicit rights to privacy in their constitutions or strong traditions of protecting rights. Further, overruling Armstrong would threaten to unravel privacy protection beyond abortion.

In essence “Right to Privacy” includes ABORTION.

But there’s more.

By clicking here you will see that the “Montana National Organization of Women” has endorsed Gustafson.

“The Montana National Organization of Women are excited to endorse Justice Ingrid Gustafson’s candidacy for re-election to the Montana Supreme Court. Montana needs her fair, just, and critically important decisions to defend the powers of our Montana Constitution and to protect the human rights of all who reside in our state.”

But does “protect the human rights of all who reside in our state” protect innocent babies?

Back to Racicot “the Republican.”

If anything, his ‘mailer’ gives voters mixed messages. Is Racicot a Republican or a Democrat? Why is he promoting Gustafson if he’s a true Republican? Or could it be that it’s a way to woo Republicans to vote for Gustafson?

Where have we seen this before?

Not long ago, Montana 1st News published an article on the same premise, except that time, it was Gustafson who seemed to be posing as a “conservative.” If you read the article by clicking here, you will see her billboard nestled and immersed between Jesus signs, Patriot signs, and 10 Commandment signs (which are about as conservative and Pro-Life as you can get).

Gustafson’s billboard nestled among super conservative Pro-Life signs.

So again, we might assume Gustafson is riding on the “conservative vote” and now Racicot is right there behind her fanning the flame.

Vote well friends and neighbors. Vote James Brown for Montana Supreme Court Justice. For more information on this fine candidate click here.

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