WHISTLEBLOWER: Vitalant Blood Donation-Prices Jump Sky High For “Direct Donor” Blood (Guess Why)


Everybody is out to make an extra buck it seems and these days the ‘sale of blood’ is no exception. ‘Direct Donor Blood’ is blood donated for a specific person to receive. Usually, the donor is a close family member or friend and does so to help the patient obtain the ‘cleanest and purest’ blood possible. The patient wants to know whom they are getting blood from and obviously for optimal health and safety reasons.

Recently “unvaxxed blood” is one hot commodity and the blood service entitled Vitalant knows this. “Direct Donors” who want to provide loved ones with the highest quality blood are forced to pay $500 instead of the previous $300.

Yes this is what the world has come to; if you want the clean stuff you’re gonna pay and heftily.

However the catch is this.

Vitalant won’t take blood from a “Direct Donor” for a loved one wanting to receive “unvaxxed” blood. Any other purpose is acceptable but not for “unvaxxed blood.” So it’s up to the family involved to work the details out. But “Covid Injection Free blood” is most likely the real reason for the steep price hike. It’s like a bizarre cat-and-mouse game. We aren’t sure what reason the family is specifying they want their “Donor Blood” to be used for but one can guess what it might be.

Conversations between folks on social media concerning this issue had plenty to reveal.

“It was $300 but …………

“It WAS $300 but they increased it to $500! (the perfect block…)
The point here “unvaxxed blood” is not permitted to be used for “Direct Donation.”

Something is very very wrong with this picture. How can Donor Directed blood be used for any other purpose but not for the purpose that the patient really wants meaning untainted un”jabbed” blood? What is really happening is Vitalant “appears” to be keeping folks from donating non-“vaxxed” blood.

Who is making up these rules? We can only guess.

It really doesn’t take much to figure out the “sudden price hike.”

Vitalant has businesses in multiple states as you can see on the map with at least two in the state of Montana.

We assume this “rule” of no asking for “unvaxxed” blood might be throughout all the states as well as the “unethical” price hike.

Vitalant’s headquarters is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. To voice your concerns call: 877-25-VITAL

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