Deception -“Voting NO” on LR-131 is “NOT Compassionate” (Vote Yes!)


Many folks seem to be highly confused about the current referendum on the Voter Ballot known as LR-131.

However, do not be deceived. There is only one vote that is right, and that’s a ‘YES’ Vote on LR-131. If by some chance you mistakenly voted ‘NO’ on this extremely important matter, please share with those you know who have not yet voted to vote YES!

Please read the following information by clicking here, which was written by House Representative Matt Regier, who explains the referendum quite well and exactly why you need to vote YES.

Regier revealed the following in an excerpt from his article.

There are times when an issue of such great importance arises that the people should weigh in directly. LR 131, “Adopting The Born-Alive Infant Protection Act,” is one of those issues. This referendum is on your ballot this November, and the choice is simple. A YES vote for LR 131 will do exactly what the title states – protect all infants that are born alive. 

This is different from the abortion debate. This law only affects medical providers intentionally, allowing children born alive to perish. The opposition suggests this would require doctors to try miraculous efforts to save terminal babies. No, LR 131 would not require that a hospice infant be taken from its family. Directly in the language of LR 131, it states health care providers must take “medically appropriate and reasonable actions to preserve the life and health of a born-alive infant.” Hospice care is appropriate, and it is disingenuous of the opposition to misconstrue and belittle the hospice line of healthcare.  Medically appropriate and reasonable healthcare is the treatment you and I expect when we visit our medical provider. Why would we not afford this same care to infants?”-Rep Matt Regier

Now let us shift here for a bit and study the ‘Campaign Finance’ document below.

Scan down to where it states, “Compassion for Montana Families: No on LR-131.”

This is very deceptive ‘verbiage.’ There is NOTHING Compassionate about harming a baby (which is exactly what a NO VOTE on LR-131 will accomplish if it passes. The liberal left has poured over a million dollars into trying to con voters into a ‘NO VOTE’ on this issue.

Do NOT fall for this!

“Montana Women Vote” as well as “Planned Parenthood MT” have donated in hopes of luring YOU THE PUBLIC to ‘Vote NO’ at the polls.

Scream it from the hilltops! VOTE YES on LR-131!

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