Opinion Editorial: Repke’s “11th Hour Attacks” on Bukacek “Sign of Desperation”


The following Opinion Editorial was submitted to Montana1stNews by Chris Weil of Flathead County.

I am writing again in support of Ann Bukacek for District 5 Public Service Commissioner.

Having read John Repke’s recent editorials castigating his opponent while exhorting the need for greater “objectivity” and less “partisan politics,” I am more inclined than ever to vote for Dr. Bukacek. Repke’s condescending, dismissive disrespect towards Dr. Bukacek really contrasts poorly with his claim to be uniquely objective in this race. He seems to be writing with soft-spoken malice, or a velvet vitriol. This campaign appeared to start out clean, but his 11th-hour attacks on Dr. Bukacek appear to be straight out of the Mudslinger’s Handbook, and I suppose perhaps a sign of desperation.

Repke is right about one thing though. Montanans certainly cannot afford partisan politics driving their energy future. Having apparently taken in tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from national, left-wing PACs outside Montana (I wonder why?), I can only imagine Repke’s commission vote being right in line with a certain party’s green new deal agenda, and exactly what Montana does NOT need.

Thanks, Mr. Repke, but I think I will stick with Dr. Bukacek.


Chris Weil

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