Don Ryan was appointed and never elected as Cascade County Commissioner.

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An appalled resident of Cascade County had the following to share:

“Former County Commissioner Don Ryan (Democrat of Cascade County) and newly defeated by Rae Grulkowski was appointed by the two sitting Republican commissioners when Jane Weber resigned last year. Republican commissioners say they take off their ‘partisan hats’ in decisions like that and pick the best candidate. I disagree completely with them- they run as republicans then they should vote like republicans.”

However, this time around Ryan was required to run for election for the position of Cascade County Commissioner and lost.

We extend a heartfelt ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ to Rae Grulkowski Cascade County’s newly elected County Commissioner who ran a stupendous campaign!

Rae Grulkowski won the November 8th election for Cascade County Commissioner

Great job and well done!

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