Corvallis MT: Elementary School Contains Perverse Book-“We Can Do Better Than This”


The following book which you are viewing excerpts from was found in the Corvallis Primary School and checked out to a 1st grader by a librarian. The mother of this child stepped in and took action.

“I am LIVID.”

“Today my six-year-old got in the car really excited about the book his librarian gave him to read because he thought it was full of dragons. His bigger brother who loves dragons asked if he could see it real quick.
Immediately my alarm bells started going off as I saw this book. This book is full of not only inappropriate material for children – (let alone my 6-year-old who is just learning how to read!)

But it’s EVIL!

The book in question checked out to a 1st grader by the school librarian.

I will attach a few pics of what this book entails. I’ve read about 3/4 of it and I have sticky noted the thing to death.

I’ll be at school in the morning.

How did this get approved for the primary library in the first place?

Literally, under the school’s stamp, the author is quoted saying- “Among her prized possessions were a collection of carnivorous plants and a drill used for trepanning which she insisted she would use on the 1st person to ask her to fish the fairies from her garden.”

(Google trepanning.)

This book is dangerous, perverted, and, exhibits violence.

You can’t even scan this book for 10 seconds without seeing words like Satanism, evil spirits, conjuring, cannibalism, women having sex with women, sexual swelling, devil, sex, and on and on while simultaneously denouncing Christianity, women’s roles as homemakers, calling men oppressors to the women sex…

In the chapter about the nymph, it says that they are perfect, guilt-free objects of desire. Sexual “trysts” are kept private and are encouraged!

This book is trying to get its readers’ (children) to come into agreement with demons.

This is a war on our children. It is so bad. This. Is. Unacceptable.

The “Sea” of sticky notes showing examples of horrific content.

What would you ask/say to the school in this situation? We are our children’s first line of defense!

Please share this. Go to war for our kids. Check your kid’s libraries- and check your kid’s books.”

[Editor’s Note: This mom did speak with the Superintendent who was very apologetic concerning the matter and teachers etc. will be contacted (including parents who will work together to help get to the bottom of this) and pour through books to review their content.]

She concluded with: “We can do better than this.”

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