Annie Bukacek: Servant and Protector of ‘We the People’ (Trust is Earned)


Dr. Annie Bukacek is NOT your ordinary and everyday ‘doctor.’ Doctors take an oath to ‘Do no Harm’ but Bukacek exhibits that far beyond the doctor’s office.

She excels in all she sets her hand to do and there is always one main purpose in mind which is to protect and serve ‘We the People.’

Bukacek is ‘President of the Montana Pro-Life Coalition.’ She’s a doctor with multiple honors. She’s the mother of a large family. Everything she does ultimately it to protect life.

The position of Public Service Commissioner is exactly that a position of “Service.” And now more than ever before ‘Energy’ can be a very volatile thing. In Bukacek’s presentation, she revealed that ‘Green Energy’ can have some very dangerous components and side effects. She exposed the reality of children being horribly exploited in the mining of lithium ‘for green energy’ and so much more. Also, the reality of people losing their power is a very dangerous matter. We are seeing power outages like never before nationwide. If anyone can help to navigate these deep waters and come up with solutions it is Annie Bukacek.

We live in harrowing times folks.

Bukacek was voted in because she’s trustworthy. People trust her knowledge and she’s proven her ‘trustworthiness’ time and time again. People trust her track record in so many arenas. People trust her outstanding research skills. And people know she has abundant energy and is capable to accomplish anything she takes on.

Bukacek is not a politician. She’s a protector. The sanctity and quality of human life is her mindset; it’s in every fiber of her being.

Voters get tired of self-serving politicians. We live in extremely perilous times. ‘We the People’ need leaders who serve, lead, guide, and protect.

Bukacek is that: A servant and protector of ‘We the People.’ She has earned the trust of the ‘People’ and it showed in the votes cast on her behalf on November 8th.

[Publishers Note: This Opinion-Editorial was written by Brenda Roskos, Publisher of Montana1stNews who trusts Dr. Annie Bukacek and has worked alongside her for almost 20 years in various endeavors.]

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