Butte MT: Traveling Semi Truck of Grave Concern Produces Questions


A Montana resident sent the following picture (along with a translation) showing the back of a Semi truck as it traveled past Butte, MT.

It is hard to make out the actual origin of the license plate, however, the image on the ‘semi’ poses questions and concerns.

Where did this originate from?

Where is it traveling to?

Why would something this controversial be on the back of a semitruck?

Who is the driver?

What are the contents contained inside the truck?

A translation was sent by another.

The word “tega” means many different things in different languages one of which is ‘sword.’

If you are traveling through Montana and run across anything similar please send us pictures of these vehicles.

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  1. Could this, on the flip side, be a first amendment issue like the missionaries?

    I travel between Billings and the Flathead Valley and Idaho. I have seen these trucks but have been unable to get a translation. It is disturbing to say the least and more so with our current open border crisis. More often than not, the drivers appear to be Middle Eastern, usually wearing a turban.

    Have there been any picture submissions by readers?

  2. I’m a trucker of 20 years, from Idaho. There are a ton of Sikh truckers who have “warrior” imagery on their trucks. It’s their culture. Do not confuse them with Muslims, Sikhs are from India and are generally good, kind, hardworking folks. What’s on that truck would be equivalent to an American veteran displaying military imagery and a motto, which is also common on trucks.


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