BREAKING! Cameron Montana: Missionary Beaten By Local Resident/Family and Others Arrested by Madison County Officials! (Part 1)


John Lamb (Libertarian Candidate for Congressional Seat) has shared the following news),


“5 Christian Missionaries have been assaulted and then arrested near Ennis (Cameron) Montana.

Pastor and Missionary Jesse Boyd has been walking across the United States carrying a small cross and at times an upside down American flag (America is in distress).

Jesse’s 18-year-old daughter Bethany Boyd, 12-year-old son Josiah Boyd, and two other Christian brothers, Eric Trent and Carter Phillips, were traveling between West Yellowstone Montana, and Ennis Montana Saturday when a local resident pulled his truck in front of a vehicle driven by Carter and Bethany who was just a short distance ahead of the others who were walking. The resident got out of his vehicle yelling insults and telling them that they weren’t welcome in Montana and to leave. As Jesse and the others approached the vehicle, the resident became very confrontational and even threatening. The situation quickly escalated as Jesse and the others walked up to the parked vehicles. The rancher attacked Jesse pushing him into the truck and then knocking Jesse to the ground and proceeding to sit on top of him, knocking Jesse’s glasses off, breaking them, and hitting/punching Jesse.

During the scuffle Jesse’s leg was cut, drawing blood.

I should note that the resident didn’t have to stop and could have just kept driving. Instead, he stopped and initiated a confrontation. The missionaries only acted in total self-defense.

Jesse was able to get free and he and the others got into the vehicle, called 911, and waited just a couple hundred feet up the road away from the man.

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The Madison County Sheriff’s Department arrived, and told them to wait right there until they talked to the resident and after a brief talk with the man, several armed officers returned with guns drawn, ordering them out of the vehicle at gunpoint and placing them all face down into the snow, handcuffing and arresting Jesse, Bethany, Carter and Eric on felony assault charges. Josiah was placed in the custody of CPS foster care. All have been held since, without bond. Their first court appearance will be via video and will be tomorrow morning between jail to the Madison County Courthouse at 9 am Nov.15, 2022.

Sharing the Gospel legally and respectfully

Madison County doesn’t have a jail so Eric is being held in Jefferson County Jail; Jesse and Carter are being held in Gallatin County Jail and Bethany is being held in the women’s facility in Gallatin County.

Jesse has walked over 5,400 miles within this last year, handing out Bibles preaching the gospel and being a servant of God, not one of these missionaries has had any such previous encounters. They have always been peaceful, teaching all who are willing to hear.

This is an assault on religious freedom and an assault on the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Sharing the Gospel in all weather and seasons

I’ll be attending the court hearing tomorrow morning in Madison county at 9 AM and will try to give a full update.

How can you help? What things do these missionaries need?

Their vehicle has been impounded. They will need lawyers, and bond once bail is set.

Pray for them as they sit in bonds, pray for their families at home, pray for justice and for their quick release.

Check out their ministry website, and share their story far and wide.”

Link to Jesse and Jamie Boyd’s ministry below:

Continue to check back at Montana 1st News as the story develops.

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  1. Obviously the Rancher lied to the police. I am a died-in-the-wool Atheist, but I will fight to the death to support a persons right to be an idiot if they so choose. This comes off as the Good Ole Boys having a field day with Christians, thank god there are no lions around or those good ole boys may have just thrown those christians to the lions.

    Of course my friends, if you go out to do battle with idiots, then you should be armed. But, if you believe that turning the other cheek makes you a good Christian then you must take you licks and stop whinning about what those beliefs have delivered up to you. CAPICHE?

  2. i recognize this for what it is …this evil eminates from the local masonic temple what we are seeing is a group of masons haveing there way it all ways happens like this…the masons move into a county and then proceed to take over law enfarcment the court system and every county and city office they can grab and then the SHIT SHOW begins and runs for decade after decade while they stomp on freedom and every other thing they decide that they dont like or cant extort

  3. I appreciate the strides that have been made as these missionaries walked across America. Praise God for those that have heard the good news of Jesus! This attempt of Satan to stop the spread of the gospel has only increased the message. The news of this unlawful arrest is drawing attention to the calling of these missionaries, to spread the name of Jesus and draw attention to the state of our nation. God is always in control, and His Word will stand! I’m praying for these godly people as they fight the justice system in order to safely walk in His light!

  4. Shame on you to the State of Montana for allowing this Rancher to get away with this. I never want to visit your corrupt state….smh


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