Part 3: Two Missionaries Released-(A Child Detained by CPS) and Adult Male


John Lamb reported the following news in the saga of the traumatized Missionaries-The events posted below took place on November 15th.


Twelve-year-old Josiah Boyd has been reunited with his mother just a little while ago and released from Social Service custody. His father Jesse, his sister Bethany, Eric, and Carter are still in jail tonight. Keep praying for their release.

Josiah’s mother and sister (See photo below) flew in awaiting Josiah’s release from Child Protective Services.

Charlotte and her brother Josiah (12) who had been detained by Child Protective Services.

Link to donate towards their bail and attorney.

Furthermore, shortly after the release of Jaime Boyd, Missionary Eric Trent had been released from Jefferson County Detention Center (Jail).

BREAKING News (Via John Lamb)

“Missionary Eric Trent has been released, I just just picked him up from the Jefferson County jail in Boulder Montana.”

John Lamb with newly released Eric Trent.

Lamb continued,

“Charges haven’t been dropped, this is just the beginning of the battle; the next court hearing is December 13th at 1pm at the Madison county courthouse in Virginia City. They still need attorneys and much more.”

Montana 1st News is following the story in sequence; check back as the story develops.

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