Part 4: Misused Missionaries-Ankle (Monitor) ‘Shackle’ Madness


John Lamb update, November 16th.


“Wednesday, November 16th. We’ve run into our first hurdle this morning!

The GPS monitoring company informs us they only have 1 (ankle monitor) on hand. He will need to order 3 more. And they won’t come in till tomorrow.

(We think Bethany is the first priority to get out, this morning).

Sadly, the other men may need to wait till tomorrow. (Jesse Boyd, and Carter Phillips).

Another thing: it’s $1,000 per monitor. $500 will be returned when the monitors are returned. They also must pay a monthly fee for the privilege of wearing these electronic shackles.

Via Lamb-“All four missionaries have been charged with “aggravated assault” a felony, 20-year maximum prison sentence, and a $50,000 dollar maximum fine.”

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Rebekah Lamb (John Lamb’s wife) had this to reveal.

Local friends, we have an immediate need:

“Sweatshirts and or coats and warm items for those getting out today.

When Eric was released last night, if John hadn’t been there, it would have been into the snow. Without any warm clothes. John has provided him with a coat.

The other three could also use coats/sweatshirts to keep them warm till we can start on the next part of the journey.. getting their belongings back.

Edit: Also… Jesse will need pants and socks. They confiscated his pants and his socks for evidence as it had his own blood on it.


Montana 1st News will keep you updated as the story progresses so check back in.

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  1. What the hell is going on here? This story doesn’t add up? Felony aggravated assault? What about the rancher who allegedly started all of this? Was he charged?


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