CALL TO ACTION! To Help Missionaries (Also Assailant, Attacker Named!)


The following information is now on public record. We’ve made it easy for you to contact authorities with your concerns. Please share this far and wide to get the word out.

Calling Campaign:

Here are some places and suggestions of places to call.

Please be polite and respectful when calling.  For example: “Please drop the false charges against these missionaries,” and “Please investigate the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.” And also “Why wasn’t Mr. Brad Terrell arrested for assaulting and harassing these missionaries when they were peacefully exercising their religious freedoms walking down the road?”

 Madison County Courthouse 100 Wallace St, Virginia City, MT 59755  Justice Court, Judge Marc Glines,  (406) 843-4219 (406) 843-4237  5th Judicial District Court Luke Berger (406) 843-4235 Fax: (406) 843-5207

Madison County Sheriff’s Department:  Sheriff/Coroner  (406) 843-5301 Commissioners:  Dan Allhands, District 1 – Chairman  Ron Nye, District 2  John Heckler, District 3   Phone: (406) 843-4277 Fax: (406) 843-5517

Attorney General: Attorney General, Austin Knudsen 406-444-2026

 Derek Oestreicher, Chief Deputy Attorney General. Phone: (406) 444-2026

Governor’s Office:  Governor, Greg Gianforte 406-444-3111

Lieutenant Governor, Kristen Juras 406-444-5665 

Attacker/local business owner Brad Terrell (About the case):

On November 12th, 2022 a small group of missionaries was walking on highway 287 north near Ennis Montana, when Brad Terrell, a local business owner pulled his vehicle over and confronted the missionaries yelling profanities and telling them they weren’t welcome in Montana, to go back home, striking one of the missionaries breaking his glasses, spitting and yelling inches from one missionary’s face, eventually bringing this missionary to the ground and sitting on top of him.

Left with no choice but to defend themselves from this attacker, they defended themselves to get away, drove a short distance to safety, and called 911.

Instead of arresting their attacker, the Sheriff’s Department arrested Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, Eric Trent, and Carter Phillips on charges of aggravated assault … a maximum 20-year prison sentence. Also, Jesse Boyd’s 12-year-old son was placed in CPS custody.  All four are currently out on $50,000 bonds and must wear GPS ankle monitors.

Publisher’s Note: [To further aid the missionaries you can donate to them by clicking here to connect to their website.]

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