Part 6 (Child Missionary Video Interview) “Sheriffs Pointed a Gun at Me and Hand-Cuffed Me”


The following account is from John Lamb,


“12-year-old Josiah Boyd tells us in this short interview how the Madison County Sheriffs treat victims after a local business owner, Brad Terrell, threatened and assaulted his dad, Pastor Jesse Boyd, threatened his sister, Bethany Boyd, and fellow missionaries, Carter Phillips and Eric Trent. This group of missionaries is on a journey walking across America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, giving out Bibles and preaching the Gospel.

In this video, Josiah tells how Sheriff Deputies pointed guns at him and handcuffed him, with his hands behind his back, and placed him in the back seat of a Sheriff’s truck, before transporting Josiah to CPS custody.

Josiah stated, “I told them my side of the story they didn’t really care about it; they acted like my opinion didn’t matter.”

View the interview with 12-year-old Josiah Boyd as he tells about being hand cuffed at gunpoint by clicking here.

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