BREAKING NEWS: (Update) Rina Fontana-Moore Concedes to Sandra Merchant Newly Elected County Clerk and Recorder!


Rina Fontana Moore who was the County Clerk and Recorder in Cascade County for 16 years just lost the election and conceded to Sandra Merchant.

To see where Moore conceded on social media click here.

A recount just tallied Merchant as the winner of this campaign.

Congratulations to Sandra Merchant and those who worked so hard to support her efforts.

The unofficial Count until signed off by County Commissioners is-14306 votes for Rina Fontana-Moore, and 14342 votes for Sandra Merchant.

Montana 1st News has followed the race closely and helped Sandra Merchant by working on and publishing numerous articles on her behalf. To see how we promoted Sandra Merchant click here, here, here, and here.

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