EXCLUSIVE! Live Interviews: Karen Kingston (Died Suddenly-Thoughts, Concerns) and Brenda Roskos (Persecuted Missionaries, Madison County)


Recently I had the privilege to “go live” on Canada’s Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson’s show. I had put a call into persecuted Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski as I shared with him “Artur please help us get the word out on these missionaries because you know what it’s like to be persecuted by those in rogue authority.”

Artur did just that.

He texted several people and I heard from Thompson the very next day! Determined to get the story out on the Boyd’s (along with legal documents) on Friday I went live explaining the turmoil and trauma that the missionaries have experienced and still are).

Karen Kingston spoke first on the podcast. Kingston has exposed Pfizer and confirms in other places, “Poison in the COVID ‘Vaccine.’ In the Interview Kingston shares her views and thoughts on the earthshaking Documentary “Died Suddenly.”

Karen Kingston will join us to talk about what the documentary “Died Suddenly” got right and what it got wrong. Karen Kingston is a business analyst and strategic marketer in the biotech industry. She has over 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, sales, public speaking, and strategic consulting.

Whistleblower Karen Kingston
Kingston’s background

Karen Kingston’s premise is seen below,

Intended Consequences: “mRNA Vaccines were Designed to Cause Severe Disease and Be Resistant to Antibodies.”

Brenda Roskos Owner, Writer, and Publisher of Montana 1st News reveals (in the second part of the podcast starting at approximately 1:20) the truth concerning the persecuted missionaries who were walking in Madison County on November 12th and the horrors that took place that day and are still plaguing the group.

Brenda Roskos Publisher, Owner Montana 1st News

Roskos has published numerous articles on the fiasco as well as legal documents including Jesse Boyd’s (head missionary’s full testimony).

To view the full rumble episode CLICK HERE.

Kingston speaks until approximately 1:20 then Roskos commences immediately afterward.

[Clarification]-(I tried my best to get everything accurate in the podcast but needed to further clarify a few things).

Jesse Boyd’s children are 18, 14, and 12. His 18-year-old Bethany and 12-year-old son Josiah were present with Boyd and two other missionaries, Eric Trent (Boyd’s mission partner) and Carter Phillips, Bethany’s fiance.

The vehicle they were in was a Subaru.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! To understand the missionary’s entire story and what has ensued to its fullest CLICK HERE. Each article published by Montana 1st News is presented in sequence along with legal documents within this particular article.

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