Do I Have Frostbite? (video within)


Montana is BRUTAL right now. Anyone spending any time outside needs to be incredibly careful not to overdo it and to be extra cautious and conscientious. One Emergency Room doctor had the following to say and you can view her on the video as well. (Just click at the end of the article to access video).

“One quick step outside in Montana right now and you know that it is cold — dangerously cold. It can take just mere minutes for frostbite to set into exposed areas.

“it can just be in the 20s, and if you are not wearing proper clothing or you are out there too long, or you get wet, or you have cardiovascular disease so your blood flow, your circulation is not as good — it can still be bad too,” says Dr. Jamiee Belsky, an emergency room physician at the Billings Clinic.

Belsky says they have seen an uptick of people coming into the ER with frostbite recently, and that every year in the United States, limbs and lives are lost to it.

“When you are looking for frostbite, you are looking for a couple of different things. Your fingertips, you are going to notice that they are going to go white. Sometimes they are going to go blue and purple as well. You may start to get some numbness and tingling in the fingers,” she said.

You can read the rest of the article here. By: Russ Riesinger 8KPAX

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