Value, Worth, Distinction, Freedom.


It’s that time of year when we all give to things we count precious and love. Each gift we give is usually carefully thought out.

We must ask ourselves: Does what I’m giving to have great value? Could I receive this ‘value’ elsewhere? Why should I give to this particular undertaking over another? At Montana 1st News we aim and strive to be unique. We try to bring you articles of great value and purpose. Recently we published the following,

We set off the alarm bells about Digital Recognition and Surveillance in Flathead County (click here and here). We also blew the whistle on Rank Choice Voting (click here) and our Water Rights (click here).

We published to-to-date information on food shortages locally (click here).

We publish “how to” articles with hands on advice (click here).

We publish nationwide events (click here).

And we publish FUN and memorable stories (click here and here and here) because everyone needs a well earned break from all the madness taking place all around us.

Remember this holiday season when you donate to Montana 1st News you can go to one place to find all your ‘news needs’ and you are giving to a distinctive venture. Together we can strive to help keep Montana free!


Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and yours!

 -The Team at Montana 1st News 

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