In Case of Shortages What To Store? Part 1: FOOD


After much trial and error throughout the years and mistakes made, lessons learned (and eventually you DO learn) what are some wise things to store if times get hard?

It can be daunting and overwhelming to even think about but little by little and inch by inch is the best way to tackle such tasks.


  1. Only store things you will eat. DO NOT buy/purchase 1000 pounds of foods you know you wont eat even if it lasts 25 years. If you won’t eat it now you won’t eat it in 25 years.
  2. Do not store piles of ‘boring survival food.’ It’s ok to store some rice and beans but everyone gets tired of these foods and usually pretty quickly even if you have a lot of seasonings.
  3. Oil: Store a lot of oil- Olive Oil, Grass Fed Butter and Sesame Oil are among some of the best.
  4. Meat: Store as much meat as you would possibly eat and for a couple years if possible. Grass fed beef, Wild caught salmon,(frozen and canned), whole chickens and canned meats. Make sure to add dried scrambled eggs to the list.
  5. Dairy products: good quality Yogurts are important as well as kefir grains. Store dried milk (higher the fat the better) and powdered butter if possible.
  6. Canned foods: (again only store what you KNOW you will eat)-I keep canned foods about 5 years tops but l would rather have foods 3 years or less stamped age. Buy in case lot sales- best keepers are green beans garbanzo beans, pinto, (navy and black beans all keep well).
  7. Fruit: dried bananas, apples and peaches, and raisins, dates, figs, keep well. Canned applesauce, pears, peaches, apricots,
  8. Veggies: Carrots can store for many months in the refridgerator. Keep in plastic bags open with a damp paper towel on top. Potatoes store best in cool, dark but dry conditions. Cucumbers do best on the counter, dried veggies store well.
  9. Soups: Soups are an excellent thing to store. they are comforting easy to heat up and filling usually. Split pea is a month the best as well as bean soups, soups with barley or rice store well also. Cream of tomato stores well. Chicken and other broth-based soups do not store well but heavier bases creamed and pea, bean soups do.
  10. Grain: Many grains do best nitro packed with all the air taken out or with oxygen-absorbing packets added to a sealed bucket. Higher oily grains such as rice do better in the refrigerator. Grain “berries” (unground wheat, rye, or oats) will last for many years until cracked, milled, crushed or opened.
  11. Freeze Dried Foods: You can check this link to order very high quality freeze dried food. Freeze dried foods can last up to 25 years unopened on the shelf or a year once opened. They are fresh, bursting with flavor and nutritious. They can be soaked and put into soups and casseroles or shakes. They are delicious eaten fresh especially, peas, asparagus, beans, bananas, peaches and strawberries.

Be sure and check back as this article is 1st in a series on “What to Store.”

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