Matt Rosendale and Other U.S. Congressional Representatives “Crossing the Delaware”


Enough is Enough! Montana’s U.S. Congressional Representative Matt Rosendale is not going to stand for liberal ‘take over’ (especially within the Republican Party) in D.C. (just like Senator Theresa Manzella isn’t going to stand for this same type of nonsense at the Helena Capitol).

A picture is traveling fast via the internet where the faces of freedom-minded and freedom-fighting U.S. Congressional Representatives have been placed over General Washington and his Army as they cross the Delaware during a brutal winter then defeated the Hessians.

(very telling)

And just as General George Washington and his troupes were on the offense these brave Congressional U.S. Representatives are on the offense as they make bold moves to defeat the liberal “Republicans” and Democrats in D.C.

Please contact Montana’s U.S. Congressional Representative Matt Rosendale to tell him how proud you are of him and how WELL he represents our beloved state in Washington. His bravery is to be commended and shared widely! (Please contact Senator Manzella to do the same; Manzella is the Chair of the newly founded Montana Freedom Caucus you can read that article by clicking here).

Perfect analogy of “Crossing the Delaware” (credit to creator)

Matt Gaetz in the picture above replaces George Washington-(Gaetz nominated Trump to be voted Speaker of the House in a bold move). Anything to get McCarthy out.

It’s time that these brave Representatives stood up to the liberal take over in Washington D.C. and fought back.

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