ALERT! Montanans: Contact Your Legislators Tell Them NO Article V Constitutional Convention!


The time to communicate with the legislators is NOW! The express expectation is for them to enforce the Constitution not amend it. The Convention of the States has been working on these good people all year long. An Article V Constitutional Convention could threaten individual rights and our nation’s very form of government. Individual rights are secured by the Constitution, and an Article V Convention could have the inherent power to become a “runaway” Convention that could completely change the Constitution.

How do we know such a Convention could become a “runaway”?

In 1787 what was originally a “limited” Convention for the “sole and express purposes of revising the Articles of Confederation” had transformed into a runaway Convention producing an entirely brand new Constitution.

With such a clear precedent, who is to say it will not happen again?

Just who is proposing this at the Helena Capitol? (Here are the stats)-

Bill Draft Number:LC0166Current Bill Draft Text:     
Bill Type – Number:SJ 2
Short Title:Resolution for Article V of US Constitution convention of states
Primary Sponsor:Tom McGillvray  (R) SD 23

For more intricate details concerning this bill click here and here.

Check back at Montana 1st News as the story develops.

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