Darin Gaub Speaks Out On FOX NEWS-(CCP Spy Balloon) “A Very Clear and Present Danger”


We are so very proud of Montana’s own Retired Lt. Colonel Darin Gaub (Founder of Restore Liberty) for his much-needed input and expertise on the matter concerning the CCP Spy Balloon. As a military expert, Gaub keeps close tabs on military events throughout the state of Montana.

In a Fox News interview, to begin with Gaub explained that the balloons he’d dealt with in the past were much smaller than this, were at a lower altitude and “could be brought down with a machine gun where therefore the damage could be controlled.” The recent CCP Spy Balloon had a “much larger payload and a much larger explosion with much larger potential for damage” according to the retired Lt. Colonel.

Gaub continued by stating that “This should have been shot down in the “Aleutian Islands and we wouldn’t have been exposed to all this risk.” He continued with, I think we are all owed answers as Americans” (as to why it took so long to take the balloon down).

“Capturing and exploiting that equipment would have been preferred,” Gaub stated in his answer to the Fox news reporter. “It wouldn’t have been that difficult and we should have at least tried it.”

Gaub also alluded to the fact that, “These aren’t as often or as frequent as you would think” and “It’s the payload and the capabilities that stuck out.”

“Thank God for an inquisitive reporter who is also a pilot with a very good camera lens who got that picture. Our preference would’ve been that we put in on the ground as quickly as possible too.”

The retired Lt. Colonel concluded with, “This is a very clear and present danger to this country” and “The message is that China got to send a balloon across our entire country and we didn’t shoot it down until it was too late to matter.”

You can watch the full video clip by clicking here. With personality Lisa Boothe (FOX NEWS)

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