Exclusive! Madison County Courthouse-“Not Sealed Hearing” (Zoom Audio Within) Share Nationwide!


Something strange, upsetting, and confusing took place at the Madison County Courthouse a week ago Monday morning (9am) on January 30th. And yet we aren’t certain what exactly happened but we can guess).

Supposedly the entire hearing was “sealed” or “closed” which simply was not true (much to the chagrin of those who traveled up to two hours or more to enter the courtroom in support of the persecuted missionaries but were then turned away). Court documents were in fact ‘sealed’ but not the courtroom/hearing! The Honorable Judge Luke Berger didn’t close the hearing to the public and when the County Clerk realized it wasn’t closed they tried to rectify the matter by going to retrieve folks who wanted to come inside the courtroom but had been turned away. However, by that time everyone was gone.

This is false information-the hearing was in actuality open to the public

What the webinar should have said was…..

“Come on in this courtroom is OPEN!”

Who would have told the court that January 30th’s court hearing was ‘sealed/closed?’ We DO know it was the prosecution who submitted sealed documents to be reviewed. Hmmm, ‘Something’s Afoot.’

John Lamb had this to say as he and his wife went to the courthouse Monday morning and weren’t allowed in. (Click here to watch Lamb speak outside of the Madison County Courthouse on that very cold -21 degrees wintry morning).

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When you listen to the audio clip of the Zoom court hearing below it’s evident that the judge offered an apology as he didn’t know “what happened” in the mix-up that caused the hearing to be “closed.” It’s shifty business when a Judge doesn’t close a courtroom and it happens anyway.

And the Honorable Judge Luke Berger had a lot more to say than just that.

Judge Berger claimed he wanted fairness to take place concerning both the prosecution (the ‘State’) and the ‘Defendants.’ Berger didn’t want to read what was “in the media” but rather let it all come out in Court once the trial was in effect. Judge Berger also alluded to the fact by asking the question, “Shouldn’t the Judge get to decide what constitutes, “The Right to Know?”

Thorin Geist (Assistant Attorney General for the State) declared that the ‘Defendants’ “didn’t deny letting out CCJI” (by which Geist means they didn’t deny having leaked out “Confidential Criminal Justice Information” to the media); however none of the Defendants leaked any such thing.

John Pierce (Attorney for the Defendants stated there was possibly a “Whistleblower”) and NO his clients didn’t leak anything out and “didn’t admit to anything.”

There are plenty of unanswered questions in this case.

Where is Austin Knudsen in such a case since he claimed that America was built on Christian ideals?

Where is Governor Gianforte in this abomination as he met one of the missionaries in church and in fact told him he would pray for him?

And who would lie and say the hearing on January 30th was closed when it was not?

So without further adieu here is the long awaited supposed “sealed court hearing” (not sealed) as promised, (Exclusive content from Montana 1st News)

This hearing WAS open to the Public (but the public missed it)!

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