Bukacek on Reliable Energy: Did Biden Really Endorse Petro?


Dr. Annie Bukacek is superb on keeping the public updated as to energy matters and we are ever so grateful. Below Bukacek shares more information we all need to know and understand about oil, gas and more.

Montanans for Reliable Energy:    Did President Biden just endorse petrochemicals?

Biden appears to go off script to say US needs oil, gas drilling (msn.com)

Quoted by MSN: “We are still going to need oil and gas for a while,” Biden said during his speech… The president then told an anecdote in which an oil executive asked him why his company should invest in fossil fuel projects in light of the negative business atmosphere for oil and gas projects. Biden said he responded that oil and gas would be needed for years to come… “They said, ‘well, we’re afraid you’re going to shut down all the oil wells and all the oil refineries. So, why should we invest in them?’ I said, ‘we’re going to need oil for at least another decade and beyond,'” Biden added.

More clear to us than the need for investors in oil and gas projects to get on board—

Oil powers most of our manufacturing and is critical to just about everything in our daily lives…Keep in mind, electricity is only 20% of energy used…so the grid is not our only concern.

Not only are there products from oil in your car/truck tanks…just about everything inside your vehicle plus the tires are made from petrochemicals, whether your vehicle is powered by gas, electricity or a hybrid thereof. The insulation, padding and covers of your seats, fabric covers on the ceiling, dashboard, tires, lubricants…The same can be said about many, if not most, of the items in your home, business and shop…made from petrochemicals.


Diesel, a distillate of oil:

  1. Delivers to most of us our food, clothing, building materials and other supplies—Diesel powers delivery trucks, trains, ships…and its cousin, jet fuel, powers cargo and passenger planes- 
  2. Needed for food production—irrigation and other critical requirements of farm production and delivery are primarily powered by diesel…and chemical fertilizer is usually made from methane or other by-products of another hydrocarbon fuel, natural gas-
  3. Essential for mining of minerals required for cell phones, computers, wi-fi, TVs, other electronics—mining requires diesel-powered equipment-

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