BREAKING! Zinke Lies Concerning Rosendale! Appalling (He lied about Olszewski too)


Why does Zinke feel the need to lie? Is it because he feels he is inferior?

Why would Zinke put forth lies about incredible leaders such as Rosendale? Is he jealous of Rosendale?

Zinke stated the following then posted the picture with his name in the headline below.

“Because I am doing what I said I would do! It is clear we will not be able to secure the border with Secretary Mayorkas undermining every immigration law we have on the books and dismantling every policy and physical barrier constructed by the last administration. He’s got to go.”


Read within the red rectangles (above) for the truth and proof concerning Rosendale.

And don’t forget Zinke lied about his opponent Dr. Al Olszewski too.

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