She’s Coming. You Can’t Stop Her. The Opposition Fears Her.


Jane Rectenwald has been coined, “The Most Dangerous Woman in Montana.”

But is Rectenwald really “dangerous?” No, no she’s not-she’s just trying to get the truth out. Jane’s response is “shouldn’t every concerned Montana citizen be involved in exposing election fraud and upholding election integrity?” She continued, “How is that so dangerous?”

Jane is the President of the Montana Election Integrity Project. Jane is smart. She’s ruthless and she won’t back down so don’t even try to talk her into that nonsense. The “opposition” are those who want to steal our freedom, thwart our elections, plunder and destroy.

Kristen Juras told Rectenwald that they appreciate ‘citizen activists’- Activists????

Rectenwald relayed,

“We are just plain citizens who demand that the government whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, take seriously the number of ballots that they count. Those ballots are our only proof that we have given our consent to elected officials to govern us. If they refuse to verify under penalty of perjury that the numbers of ballots they certify come from valid Montana voters at valid addresses, then they have no basis for certification. If they do verify that, we will find invalid voters directly from the inflated voter rolls.”

Perhaps Rectenwald is perceived as dangerous because of her tenacity. We live in such a world of quitters, doubters, weak, and fearful people that when someone DOES stand up for what is good, true, and right (and doesn’t back down) they are deemed “dangerous.”

So. Be. It.

Jane Rectenwald will be speaking at three venues this weekend in Lincoln County. Be sure and come and bring an army of concerned citizens with you.

Three days, three separate venues

Jane revealed the following,

“Our strategy for Montana gives opportunities for officials to be heroes and leaders, not confrontational.  It doesn’t take any money, just courage, integrity and the realization that our country is in serious danger. But we can fix it at the county level. The Lincoln County numbers should wake everyone up.” Jane Rectenwald

Is Rechtenwald really dangerous? The answer is no, she’s an ordinary citizen with extraordinary vision for truth and freedom and she invites all of you to come along side her and join her in her quest.

To learn more about the Montana Election Integrity Project simply click here.

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