Stirring Footage: Russia and Ukraine One Year Later-Another Spring Offensive Appears to Have Started


“By all indications, the expected Russian has offensive in Ukraine has begun. Video evidence out of Ukraine shows massive and frequent explosions along a broad front. The timing was not a surprise, even if slightly later than many strategists predicted. Armored vehicles work best while the ground is still frozen, which might only last another 30-45 days.

It is also possible that Putin launched the offensive to maintain a perceived advantage over Ukrainian forces before the bulk of the promised financial and material aid arrive. This includes tanks and ammunition from a variety of NATO countries as well as the promised future delivery of America’s top of the line air defense systems, such as the Patriot. In January, Zelensky fired up to nine government officials in Ukraine. This change of leadership has caused some turmoil that Putin may also be seeking to exploit.

The offensive starts barely one year after Russia initially invaded Ukraine and shortly before an expected visit from President Xi of China sometime this spring. Xi’s visit continues to show a growth in public cooperation between the two countries.

President Biden and Treasurer Yellin recently visited Ukraine on separate trips as well, bringing promises of continued support. Despite the numerous visits from politicians around the globe, Putin has not wavered in his desire to continue to attack Ukraine and at least annex the eastern Donbas region, if not more.”

Please stay tuned for updates.

To view video footage CLICK HERE.

[This article was submitted by Retired Lt. Colonel Darin Gaub, Founder of Restore Liberty]

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