MT: Peaceful Missionaries Encounter the Wrath of Rogue Authorities (videos within)


We will write about it and we will continue to write about it until justice is served.

“No pleas, No deals, to the bitter end.”-Jesse Boyd

Everywhere, Jesse Boyd, his family, and missionary friends travel they extend to those (who will hear), the message of repentance, salvation in Christ alone and bring the good news of the gospel that Christ rose from the grave and came to forgive sinners unto new life in him.

If you CLICK HERE you will be able to view articles, interviews, footage, and videos concerning the harm and ill-treatment these peace-loving missionaries have had to endure since that awful day on November 12th, in Madison County, Montana.

Below are wonderful accounts of all the people Jesse Boyd and his team have touched in so many varied lands and places (please watch their peaceful journey below).

May truth and justice prevail and God be praised!

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