Marc Racicot Rebuked by Montana GOP (Will Courtenay Sprunger be Next?)


It’s no wonder Governor Marc Racicot has been rebuked and scorned by the Montana GOP.

The grounds for this seem to be due to his harsh opinions concerning President Trump (who did he vote for Biden?) Regardless Racicot doesn’t want to appear too ‘right’ or heaven forbid a ‘far-right extremist’.

And if that is the case then what will the state GOP do with House Representative Courtenay Sprunger? Remember friends it wasn’t in the too distant past that Governor Racicot endorsed the PAC entitled ‘Flathead First’ where Sprunger received ‘funds a plenty’. The “worse than Rino” PAC allowed statements like the leftist garbage spewed by Racicot such as the “Great Middle.”

‘Flathead First’ includes the following quote by Racicot-

“…the Great Middle is in the process of organizing itself with a higher goal, quietly but surely, not by express agreement or party affiliation, but by standards of decency, integrity, honor, and faithfulness to the best interests of the Republic…”-Governor Marc Racicot

(If you’re in the middle you’re really just a secret lefty). And don’t forget had the 3% American Patriots not fought and BEAT the British well none of us would even being sitting in our respective states munching on our burgers and apple pie.

All this PAC really did was try to overturn and come against true Constitutional Patriots running for office while promoting Rino/Democrats such as Jack Fallon who was also shunned by local Flathead County republicans. And ‘Flathead First’ endorsed and funded Courtenay Sprunger in this ‘middle’ group. The liberal-minded campaigners were endorsed via this “PAC” by Marc Racicot. To read more on Sprunger and her liberal ways click here.

Back to Racicot-below is his flier where he endorsed far-far-far left Ingrid Gustafson (where he coins himself a “Republican.” But then again look at Sprunger and she does too (meaning the Republican part).

Let’s face it friends there’s nothing worse than a poser and nothing phonier than all this “middle” talk.

How the GOP isn’t booting out half those referring to themselves “Republicans” is beyond fathomable.

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