Confessions of a Betrayed Montana Elections Investigator


Now that we have your attention listen up. Perhaps a better term than ‘confessions’ (because Jane Rectenwald has done nothing wrong) should be “An Expose of Montana’s Election Perpetrators and Thieves”) Regardless we have your attention and that’s what matters. (And yes we’ve all been betrayed that’s most certain).

Carry on. Here’s what Rectenwald (“Montana’s Most Dangerous Woman” has to say) see below

I think it’s horrifying but others aren’t much interested. 

We have no legitimate government without certified elections, and it appears that has been the case in Montana since at least 2020, (maybe for years before that).  The fact that none of the people certifying at the county or state level would answer whether they would verify under the penalty of perjury that every vote they tabulated represented a valid Montana voter at a valid address, means that even the clerks and county commissioners who sign the certificates, won’t stand behind their signatures that the numbers are accurate.

This is shocking to me.

Here’s an article about the 2020 certification, which shows how casually (the then Secretary of State) viewed the certification at that time-joking that “the unelected, illegal canvassers were doing God’s work.”

 I don’t think so.

Karen O’Donnell took these notes at the state certification on 11-29-2022.  She headed our Lewis & Clark County canvass project. (Former military, very precise).

The state law does not provide that a quorum is acceptable at the county level.  It states that the governing board (county commissioners) are the board of canvassers and if not all are available, they shall select another officer of the county.  It says nothing about having two county commissioners being acceptable, and quorum is not mentioned.  The unelected, illegal state canvassers just made it up, and illegally certified the election anyway.  It appears that neither our county nor state governments takes certification seriously.  It’s just a formality.  That’s not what the citizens understand their vote to mean.

 It means our consent to be governed. 

The irony of all of this is that although there are many reasons Montana’s recent elections should be decertified including the 4,592 Missoula County votes without signature envelopes proving a chain of custody to an actual voter, the most glaring is that the elections were never certified in the first place.  Therefore the three Montana electors who voted in the Electoral College for Donald Trump in 2020 did not cast legitimate votes. 

The first state in the country that should decertify the 2020 election should be Montana.

Regardless of who wins any Montana election, the numbers have to be accurate; those certifying elections should be able to verify under ‘penalty of perjury’ that the numbers counted represent valid Montana voters at valid addresses, and all of those elected officials who are legally mandated to certify elections have to show up and canvass the results.  They must sign the canvass certificate themselves indicating they have fulfilled their personal legal obligation to canvass and certify the results.  Otherwise, we have no legitimate government.

It appears that our elected officials treat our ballots and election certification as a formality or worse, while citizens consider our valid ballots as representation of our consent to be governed.  These divergent viewpoints cannot coexist indefinitely. 

Karen O’Donnell’s detailed description of the state certification events on 11-29-2022, put the charade in focus even more.  Stuart Fuller, announced that he was the chair of the state canvassing board at that meeting, and refused to allow questions from the citizens.  He said comments would be allowed AFTER the results were canvassed, and that certification was non-discretionary and must take place.  He is an unelected staff person in the SOS office, NOT the chair of the state canvassing board.  And he was the same staff person who testified before the special elections committee in the legislature for the first three days about Montana’s clean elections.”

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