The ‘Left’ Trash Superintendent Arntzen: (It’s Witty But the Premise is Poor) video within


A trio of ‘left-leaning liberals’ trashed Elsie Arntzen with a sarcastic and satirical video attempting to paint the Superintendent of Public Instruction as a fool for standing up for ethics and morals. The piece of work painted Arntzen as prudish and controlling. But the truth is she is protecting children and THAT is her job.

Elsie Arntzen: She’s only doing her job-Protecting Montana’s school children.

Is the ‘film’ witty? Of course it is. Is it engaging and is the filming done well? Yes actually it is. But it isn’t correct and its premise is poor. Take a look at the example they chose by using Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter.’

“The main point of ‘The Scarlet Letter’ is to expose the hypocrisy, mistreatment of women, and religious fanaticism existent in Puritan New England in the seventeenth century.” (By enotes)

What this has to do with Elsie Arntzen trying to protect children from filthy and dangerous literature/visual images and reading material makes no sense. A work such as Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlett Letter’ is a tale based on human behavior and the folly of humans whereas Arntzen’s aim is to keep children from harm. She is trying to save students from ‘mistreatment’ by keeping them from danger which is ultimately the goal of House Bill 234 which the Superintendent is standing behind. Also she isn’t some “religious fanatic” when her goal is simply the protection of minors and young children.

House Bill 234:

Section 1. Section 45-8-206, MCA, is amended to read:

45-8-206. Public display or dissemination of obscene material to minors. 

We are talking about seriously harmful pieces of works and literature/visual images which is why House Bill 234 (click here to read the bill) was created. We are talking apples and oranges compared to what pieces of literature were addressed in this film/video. (The film even admits that Missoula is liberal).

Books such as ‘Gender Queer’ are of high concern to even some individuals in the gay community who feel it’s a very dangerous book. Any piece of work that would urge children to cause themselves (self harm) or desire the absence of good safe medical care (such as a pap smear) is dangerous. And yes it’s pornographic as well.

Also what does obscene material have to do with “Green Eggs and Ham?” That is a goofy analogy. And yes we know this work in the video was meant to be satire but the truth is that real danger is dangerous.

We are proud of a State Superintendent who has the utmost desire to protect our precious children.

We are proud of those in our legislature who have enough fortitude to sponsor and carry a bill which cares enough about children to keep perverse filth from them.

And we are proud in knowing that most Montanans want what is good and right for minors in our public school systems.

Schools need to educate children without polluting their young minds with pornography, self mutilation, obscenities, and perverse sexual acts.

Let’s stick with Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, Electives, Foreign languages and so on.

If parents want to fill their children’s minds with such filth they can do so after school but it is not a school’s place to do so.

Arntzen isn’t some archaic ‘prude’ because she wants basic human dignity for Montana’s school children who should read and digest information that is truly educating and not from the gutter.

Stand tall Arntzen; we applaud you.

Of special note: What’s very telling is the Satanic evil eye at the end of the film. (Which is supposed to indicate Arntzen looking everywhere for ‘filthy’ material). Her real ‘eye’ is to stay focused on seeing what is evil and stand against it for the sake of the children.

We are thankful that because of this film more people will now read this “Good Bill.” Let’s pass House Bill 234. VOTE YES!

(To view the film clip click here.)

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