Persecuted Bethany and Josiah Boyd Speak Out! “Treated Better in Foreign Countries Than Montana” (video within)


The Boyd kids are speaking out and they are not ashamed.

Bethany Boyd 18 and her younger brother Josiah 12 share how mission work in foreign countries has been safer than in Montana (and especially Madison County, Montana).

In the following interview, the young missionaries share their lifelong experiences as missionaries serving the Lord Jesus Christ worldwide and share an account of that tyrannical day in Madison County when they were handcuffed, arrested, thrown into jail and Child Protective Services.

Tina Griffin Talk Show Host of The Counter Culture Mom Show shared the following:

“In March 2021, during the pandemic, the Boyd family started their journey walking across the United States looking for opportunities to share the good news of the gospel. While traveling through Montana, they were aggressively harassed by a local resident who then lied to law enforcement about how the altercation unraveled. With no supporting evidence, the officers sided with the resident and then arrested and charged the Boyds with felony assault. Each family member was also slapped with a $50,000 bail and placed in ankle monitors. Twelve-year-old Josiah was handcuffed and taken to Child Protective Services. The Boyd children, Josiah and Bethany, speak out about their terrifying experience and why Americans must stand up to domestic religious persecution.”

Please click here to listen to their heartfelt and unbelievable story.

Of special note: Please scroll down under the interview and Griffin’s article and you will find links including sequence of events via articles by Montana 1st News, Josiah Boyd’s testimony of the assault and arrest and background on the Boyd’s mission work with the LongWalkUSA

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