Marion MT: (Op-Ed) “Trump is Certainly No Champion For Individual Liberty”


The following Opinion Editorial was submitted by Hannah Karev of Marion, Montana.

“What I find today is that very few people are truly for liberty.”

“Your average ‘self-proclaimed conservative’ seems to be just fine with tyranny as long as it comes from Republicans and is wrapped in Red, White, and Blue.

In reality, there is no real political difference between these two parties. Both believe in authoritarian control over the citizens. However, each party has a unique way of selling it to its voters.

Nowadays, I believe the political theatre has reached new levels because of the outright lies and open crimes they can no longer hide. You can thank independent media for that but it’s still truly hard to depict what is real and what is not. We have always had the wool pulled over our eyes by the elite and along with new ways to get the truth out, there are also new and more deceptive ways to fool the public.

Looking back, Trump is certainly no Champion for Individual Liberty. All he mentions is what government can do and every solution he has is a ‘government solution’. I never hear him, or any other politician talk about individual freedom. Instead of shrinking the government’s authority and the financial burden on people’s lives so they’re able to be more independent and able to run their own lives; Republicans simply rebrand socialism and package it up for their voters. Federal control over your health is fine if it’s Trump’s plan. A federally run school system is just fine as long as Republicans are in charge. A basic government-sponsored income seems to be okay if Trump is dishing it out and government-sponsored childcare with paid time off is okay as long as it is Trump’s idea.

Trump promised to fix NAFTA and then gives us the USMCA which is far worse; he propped up Fauci and “Operation Warp Speed” which was nothing but crooked corporate cronyism that killed and injured millions at the expense of the taxpayer. He still promotes these deadly poisonous injections today, but mostconservatives’ give him a pass. He boasts about taking out the ‘deep state’ but did nothing when he actually had the power to do something about it. Not one deep-state operative was sent to prison while Trump was in office. What happened to “Lock her Up” and “Drain the Swamp”? The only people who got locked up, are people who stuck their necks out for Trump. Now we have thousands of Political Prisoners who are largely forgotten and ignored by the Republican Party, and they are rotting in a cell under extremely abusive conditions. These faithful followers were literally abandoned by their leader and misled by a bi-partisan psy-op.

Republicans cheerfully threw their rights away under the “Patriot Act” to fight the terrorists and adopted a whole new branch of government that was quickly turned against them when Bush was in Office. Of course Obama, naturally expanded these new government powers against the American people but even Trump quietly expanded them further under CISA. Now under the Green New Deal (that none of us voted for but somehow got it anyway), the Globalist Cabal is rapidly developing 15-minute smart cities AKA (prison cities) which will monitor and control 100% of your human activity, but don’t worry because if Trump gets re-elected they will be called Freedom Cities and then it will be okay!

These endless government bureaucracies and programs which are all ripe for corruption, always seem to get the approval of the so-called Conservative as long as it is said to “Make America Great” or “Keep America Safe” along with being a “Compassionate Conservative.”

The Trump arrest story dominating headlines reeks of Shakespearian theatre and yes, I do believe that all the world is a stage, especially with the technology we now have available to us. As far this story goes, I’m not buying it. I don’t think Trump is in any real danger and he knows it and while he sucks up all the oxygen in the media; there are real serious events taking place that are being ignored.

Currently, the professional criminals that run this country and our economy are quietly instituting the CBDC or (Central Bank Digital Currency) which is essentially the Mark of The Beast. Yet, I have never heard Trump oppose such a thing. I can guarantee you, many of his followers will gladly accept the ‘Mark’ if it has Trump’s approval. Of course, it will be marketed just for them.

I look at all of the fruit and see that most of it is rotten but it is coated in a thick candied layer of sugar.”

Please read the following (Click here) to see how Trump’s “10 New American Cities” are similar to socialist agendas meaning “15 Minute Cities.” Eliza Relman (Insider)

“This is complete subversion and just might be the greatest deception ever.”

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  1. Bingo, and let’s not forget, Trump was ready to trample due process rights to give the federal government the authority to confiscate firearms as he sat next to Dianne Feinstein pushing a federal red flag gun law. He got his Obama pen out and banned a gun accessory–the bump stock–without any worry for other accessories like magazines and ammo. He signed FIX NICs into law with its stronger background checks. Finally, he allowed his ATF to ban the honey badger.

    Why people ignore these truths is beyond me.


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