SENATE BILL 370 SO EVIL! IT MUST BE STOPPED! House Rep Lee Deming Provides Answers!


Senate Bill 370 is coming before the House Committee tomorrow…IT MUST BE STOPPED! 

Also read the opposing SB 370 letter send to the committee at the end of this email…for information and talking points.

This bill will set up the framework for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

On pg. 5 of this Bill, under the definition of “money”, Central Bankers will ban their competition, other types of digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies, which would compete with their CBDCs. This will give them total control over all digital monetary transactions.

SB 370 is a very bad and unconstitutional bill and needs to be stopped ASAP!!!

 Please contact the House Business and labor Committee to ask them to VOTE NO on SB 370.   or  406-444-4800

If they still need to pass parts of SB 370, they will need to remove the wording on pg. 5, which would ban other types of digital currencies.

Fitzpatrick understood this ban, but did not explain the ramifications of this sneaky maneuver to the other Senate chamber members before they voted to pass it in the Senate.

 If they still need to pass parts of SB 370, they need to amend it and include wording such as “Montana rejects any form of CBDC, and Montana rejects the banning of alternative digital and cryptocurrencies”.

Central Bankers are now in the process of consolidating smaller banks into bigger banks so that they may herd and trap depositors into their selected large banks before capturing everyone’s money with their planned CBDC system and their ‘Great Reset’.



Written Statement: By Dr. Ed Berry-Bigfork, Montana

It is not right to define money to exclude decentralized cryptocurrencies. Centralized currencies remove the people’s freedom and lead to national and international control over every citizen. That is the way of China, not America. Some countries have already made Bitcoin their national currency. Montana would be more rational to include Bitcoin in its definition of money.

The only argument for SB 370 is to make it easier for DOR to tax people. That is not a sufficient reason. DOR is corrupt, as I learned when it attacked and tried to destroy my climate business. DOR wasted over $100,000 of taxpayer dollars in its attempt to get $4500 more from my business but it failed when I proved DOR was fraudulent by writing my own defense and winning in DOR’s mediation.

Money is a choice of a free people. Money exclusion is a government action to control the people. Vote NO on SB 370.

CLICK HERE to read the full Senate Bill 370



Letter to the Outlook by Representative Lee Deming HD 55 February 4, 2023

You have probably heard of CBDC’s. The acronym stands for Central Bank Digital Currency. The idea is already being tested by a few of the bigger banks that do business in America and around the world.

I’ll give you the best explanation I can and then offer some editorial comments.

The cash in your wallet or purse or that sits in your checking account on paper is actually worthless. It has no intrinsic or real value. The fact that you have to give $4.68 for a gallon of diesel today is simply a convenient measure of value. If your hourly wage is $15 per hour then a person would have to work about 20 minutes to earn enough money to buy a gallon of diesel. So, you trade your labor for a product at a certain rate of exchange. In a perfect world, the exchange would be made without outside influence.

An advantage of this system is relative anonymity. If you use cash, almost no one can track your purchases. If you use a check, purchases can be tracked but with more difficulty. If you use a credit card, every purchase can be tracked. If you were a Canadian during the late difficulty to our North, your credit card could be shut down if someone suspected you of aiding the protestors.

There are a lot of problems with this as any person can readily see.

You will be paid by check or automatic deposit which will wind up on the balance sheet in your bank. The bank will tell the Federal Reserve that you have that amount deposited. That amount will show up on your Central Bank (Federal Reserve) card. You can then use that Central Bank card to make purchases up to the amount that the Central Bank has in your name on the card.

This system requires the end of cash as a medium of exchange.

If people are allowed to use cash, then their purchases can’t be monitored or controlled.

There are already those who think that people are driving too far, or eating too much beef, or buying too much ammunition. All of these decisions can be monitored by agencies that have nothing better to do than manage your lives through controlling your purchases. They would accomplish this by shutting down your card for making the “wrong” decisions.

What can be done about this?

One very effective thing that we can do is to resist this ridiculous idea. The REAL ID Act was passed in 2005. Resistance to this crazy law has been so effective that full implementation is still not in place. I used to mock the old Soviet Union for requiring internal passports to travel inside that country. I never imagined that a US Congress would pass a law requiring internal passports. But they did.

Another idea is for the State of Montana to start their own system of currency. We could call the currency GianforteBucks and back them with a fixed amount of physical assets. Or the State could offer an alternative currency which already exists. It contains actual physical gold within the notes at a fixed weight. They are relatively small amounts of gold in the lower denomination notes so the divisibility problem of physical gold isn’t as much of an issue.

I have spoken to a couple of Representatives who are working on legislation to address this problem but I haven’t seen the bills yet.

I hope they hurry.

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