Helena: “Republican” Sponsored Senate Bill Would Take away Rights and Destroy Liberty!


Take heed! Show up tomorrow and testify AGAINST SB 370! and leave messages (all is explained below)!

SB 370 is arguably at least tied for THE WORST of the LIBERTY DESTROYING 2023 BILLs sponsored by a “Republican.”  

Only one Senator in Republican Leadership voted against it–Senator Steve Hinebauch. 

click here to contact the entire House Business & Labor committee in less than five minutes and ask them to vote “NO.” If our monetary system goes cashless, becomes digitally controlled by the globalist controlled Federal Reserve, this will be the end of privacy and freedom.

Eight other good Republicans voted against it…including ALL Flathead senators (Fuller, Glimm, Noland, Regier), and ever faithful Senators Bartel, Brown, Mandeville, and Manzella. A list of emails of all the Republican House Members is at the end of this email. Vote tally is in first attachment above, as are talking points…https://createsend.com/t/i-B4F450F162DA4AD92540EF23F30FEDED. Please thank those who voted NO…appropriately chastise those Republicans who voted YES. They are listed at the end of this email in RED.

The Bill has already passed the Senate and has been transmitted to the House.

It will be heard in committee this Tuesday April 4 Tuesday at 8:00am.

PLEASE show up at room 172 in the Capital by 8:00 am on Tuesday to testify. Have Your Say Montana – Montana State Legislature (mt.gov)

Here is the (H) Business & Labor Committee:



Republicans who voted against freedom by voting for SB 370 are below:

Leadership: Jason Ellsworth (pres), Ken Bogner (pres protemp), Steve Fitzpatrick (majority leader and sponsor of monstrosity), Dennis Lenz (maj whip), Tom McGillvray (whip), Barry Usher (whip)

Other Republicans against freedom include: Becky Beard, Mike Cuffe, Daniel Emrich, John Esp, Chris Friedel, Bruce Gillespie, Greg Hertz, Mike Lang, Wendy McKamey, Brad Molnar, Walt Sales, Daniel Salomon, Jason Small, Russ Tempel, Jeremy Trebas, Shelly Vance, Terry Vermeire, Jeff Welborn, Dan Zolnikov

Republican House Members

Fred.Anderson@legmt.gov; Brad.Barker@legmt.gov; David.Bedey@legmt.gov; James.Bergstrom@legmt.gov; Marta.Bertoglio@legmt.gov; Michele.Binkley@legmt.gov; Larry.Brewster@legmt.gov; Tony.Brockman@legmt.gov; Ed.Butcher@legmt.gov; Edward.Buttrey@legmt.gov; Jennifer.Carlson@legmt.gov; Lee.Deming@legmt.gov; Julie.Dooling@legmt.gov; Neil.Duram@legmt.gov; Sherry.Essmann@legmt.gov; Jodee.Etchart@legmt.gov; Terry.Falk@legmt.gov; Paul.Fielder@legmt.gov; Ross.Fitzgerald@legmt.gov; John.Fitzpatrick@legmt.gov; Doug.Flament@legmt.gov; Gregory.Frazer@legmt.gov; Steven.Galloway@legmt.gov; Jane.Gillette@legmt.gov; Steven.Gist@legmt.gov; Paul.Green@legmt.gov; Steve.Gunderson@legmt.gov; Naarah.Hastings@legmt.gov; Lyn.Hellegaard@legmt.gov; Caleb.Hinkle@legmt.gov; Jedediah.Hinkle@legmt.gov; Mike.Hopkins@legmt.gov; Llew.Jones@legmt.gov; Josh.Kassmier@legmt.gov; Bob.Keenan@legmt.gov; Scot.Kerns@legmt.gov; Greg.Kmetz@legmt.gov; Casey.Knudsen@legmt.gov; Rhonda.Knudsen@legmt.gov; Brandon.Ler@legmt.gov; Denley.Loge@legmt.gov; Marty.Malone@legmt.gov; Ron.Marshall@legmt.gov; Bill.Mercer@legmt.gov; Russel.Miner@legmt.gov; Braxton.Mitchell@legmt.gov; Terry.Moore@legmt.gov; Fiona.Nave@legmt.gov; Nelly.Nicol@legmt.gov; George.Nikolakakos@legmt.gov; Greg.Oblander@legmt.gov; Gary.Parry@legmt.gov; Bobby.Phalen@legmt.gov; Joe.Read@legmt.gov; Amy.Regier@legmt.gov; Matt.Regier@legmt.gov; Linda.Reksten@legmt.gov; Wayne.Rusk@legmt.gov; Jerry.Schillinger@legmt.gov; kerri.Seekins-Crowe@legmt.gov; Lola.SheldonGalloway@legmt.gov; Tanner.Smith@legmt.gov; Courtenay.Sprunger@legmt.gov; Sue.Vinton@legmt.gov; Kenneth.Walsh@legmt.gov; Tom.Welch@legmt.gov; Mike.Yakawich@legmt.gov; Katie.Zolnikov@legmt.gov;

Call 406-444-4800 to leave messages for up to 5 individual legislators or 1 legislative committee per call

Email whole committee or individual legislators https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging

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