Don’t Amend SB 370 (Enslavement Bill) END IT!


Senate Bill 370 was heard this morning in committee. 

The sponsor called it a “benign bill,” (this 130-page bill that takes a long time to read and much longer to “understand.” 

The vote before the House could happen any time. Please contact the House as a WHOLE.

The following is what was sent to the entire House using 700 of the 1250 characters allowed when you use the web messaging system which right now is the best way to contact large numbers of legislators; (also make phone calls to the number below). Legislators at this point are less likely to read emails. When you use the messaging system, legislators get a hard copy on their desk:

SB 370: END IT…DON’T AMEND IT…130 page bill not read and not understood…expands the definition of property and money…codifying terminology and rules for digital transfer of property, for buying and selling, defines protected digital assets as “persons”…During the Senate B&L Committee hearing, Mr. Hegreberg CEO of MT Banker’s Association stated, “I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you I understood everything in this bill…It’s long, complex, a lot of minutia…[our] legal experts still chewing on it…” We don’t need this for “compliance” with the uniform commercial code, so what is the motive for SB 370?…If we need updates to the UCC for the “digital age,” do it in the light of day…

It took me 30 minutes to send this message to ALL House Reps, Democrats, and Republicans. Everyone’s time is precious…I cannot emphasize enough it is worth your time to do this…How much free time will you, your children, and your children’s children have if we’re enslaved? I again send other patriots’ work from which you can get talking points.

Using  Here’s how you optimize the 30 minutes: enter the following once: your contact info, SB 370, click on “AGAINST” enter your up to 1250 character narrative…send it to the first House Rep, then hit the back arrow at the left upper corner of the screen, enter the next name (they give you the list of Senators and House Reps and you’ll need a legislative guide to know which are the HRs). If you can’t or won’t take the time to contact all house Reps, at least send it to House Leadership: Rs: Matt Regier, Rhonda Knudsen, Sue Vinton, Jennifer Carlson, Neil Duram, Steve Gist, Brandon Ler, Denley Loge, Terry Moore…Ds: Kim Abbott, Alice Buckley, Derek Harvey, Tyron Running Wolf, Katie Sullivan….

This bill will set up the framework for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). On pg. 5 of this bill, under the definition of “money”, Central Bankers will ban their competition, other types of digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies, which would compete with their CBDCs. This will give them total control over all digital monetary transactions. SB 370 is a very bad and unconstitutional bill and needs to be stopped ASAP.

 Please contact the House Business and labor Committee to ask them to VOTE NO on SB 370.   or  406-444-4800

If they still need to pass parts of SB 370, they will need to remove the wording on pg. 5, which would ban other types of digital currencies.  Fitzpatrick understood this ban, but did not explain the ramifications of this sneaky maneuver to the other Senate chamber members before they voted to pass it in the Senate.  If they still need to pass parts of SB 370, they need to amend it and include wording such as “Montana rejects any form of CBDC, and Montana rejects the banning of alternative digital and cryptocurrencies”.

Central Bankers are now in the process of consolidating smaller banks into bigger banks so that they may herd and trap depositors into their selected large banks before capturing everyone’s money with their planned CBDC system and their ‘Great Reset’.

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