MT Attorney General: “Austin Knudsen is Becoming the Police State the Founders Warned Us About”


The following information was recently submitted to Montana 1st News by Missionary advocate John Lamb.

“Austin Knudsen just recently shared on ‘Montana Talk Radio’ that the Manhattan District Attorney is making a martyr out of President Trump, calling the charges “political hackery”……

I agree with Austin that the charges against Trump are political hackery; a witch hunt. But while Austin can criticize another prosecutor and a grand jury for corrupt prosecution and charges, he still refuses to acknowledge that he has allowed the State of Montana to make martyrs out of and to wrongfully charge four missionaries from North Carolina!

Austin recently said concerning the missionaries, “that’s why we have juries”. Why doesn’t he let the jury decide in Trump’s criminal trial also? Does he not trust a jury to return a fair verdict?

Austin also stated he’s been “briefed” on the charges against the missionaries. Doesn’t he believe that the Manhattan grand jury has also been “briefed” with testimony and evidence; the reason an indictment was returned?

Austin Knudsen is doing the same as the Manhattan District Attorney.

Austin is prosecuting Christians wrongfully; allowing his assistant Thorin Geist (@Jewishcynic) to mock and ban Christ in the courtroom. And to make things even more evil, Austin Knudsen and Thorin Geist apparently joined forces with one of the country’s biggest Christian haters, Robert Baty, who brags openly about helping imprison known Christians and being a Christian’s “Worst Nightmare”

This attack against these missionaries is an attack on the very principles of this country: the right to practice one’s religion and the right to defend oneself.

Austin Knudsen is becoming the Police State the Founders warned us about.

New court records show defendant’s lawyers accuse Thorin Geist of conspiring with Robert Baty, (a hater of Christians). This “political hackery”, this hate crime against Christians needs to end now against these Missionaries!”

“Dismiss the charges!”

To read further concerning these Missionaries and the religious persecution they’ve been under in Montana click here.

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