VOTE YES!: Senate Bill 721-Ban the Barbaric Practice of Dismembering Babies in Utero!


The Senate Judiciary Meeting that took place on March 28th was nothing short of incredulous.

The first bill to be discussed was SB 721 (Speaker of the House Matt Regier did an excellent job of explaining exactly the process of dismemberment and subsequently the killing of a live baby in utero and all the details that entailed. Many of the opponents of this Senate Bill 721 were ‘peeved.’


CLICK HERE (Listen from the beginning to 9:10) to watch and listen to this unbelievable hearing and especially as the opponents, (particularly Senators) try to stop the proponents from saying the word “Abortionist” (which is exactly what these medical people are who perform such heinous acts). The opposition who spoke (those who are for the dismembering of babies) couldn’t bear to hear the word ‘barbaric or Abortionist’ spoken and probably because the blatant truth is PAINFUL in a multitude of ways.

One gentleman who spoke in favor of banning the practice of dismembering babies stated thus: “If we did this to kittens or puppies we’d get arrested.”

When Senator Jen Gross continued to interrupt and object to what proponents of the SB721 had to say, Chairman Senator Regier stood his ground stating, “These people have a right to their opinions and thoughts and we (meaning Senator Gross) need to quit interrupting people.”

Be sure and watch (linked above as “click here”) in particular right before and after the 9-minute mark as the word ‘Satanism’ came up in a discussion (and was in fact a valid question) where several Democrat senators got up and left the room.

The main topics which opponents of this bill brought up continually were the words “healthcare, safety, privacy, and autonomy” which they quoted from the Montana State Constitution. However, what they failed to reveal is that every person has the right to ‘autonomy’ even an unborn baby, and a right to privacy and the right to life. There is nothing “healthy or caring” about the taking of human life and the tearing apart of a baby from limb to limb while it is still alive in the womb.

The opponents of this bill got sidetracked.

And as Speaker of the House Matt Regier eluded to in closing, “This bill is about one thing and one thing only and that is abortion by the dismemberment of a live unborn baby.”

To view Senate Bill 721 in its entirety CLICK HERE. We commend the following who introduced this very important Bill-INTRODUCED BY M. REGIER, B. USHER, S. VINTON, R. KNUDSEN, L. DEMING

We are proud and grateful to Chairman Senator Keith Regier who did not vacillate or succumb to those who were determined to undermine what the proponents of Senate Bill 721 had to say.

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