Movie Review: ‘Nefarious’-Demonic “Faith Based Movie” Exposes America’s Hottest Sins-


Yes the title may seem to be a bit much. But the entire movie is a ‘bit much’ and that’s exactly what it intended to accomplish and it does so brilliantly. Teens and adults who won’t touch a ‘Christian Movie’ with a ten foot pole would easily go see the new horror flick (and not even suspect that it’s “faith based”).

It’s ingeniously intellectual and spine-chilling and shares the gospel (at least elements of it) in a way never seen before.

What is perhaps so engaging is the fact that the ‘demon’ himself ‘tattles and brags’ on the demise of our current America and her people. The insidious creature touches on the ‘hottest topics’ of the decade including, abortion, euthanasia, the gender madness, sex trafficking, guns, and more. It is culturally relevant and spot on.

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Wildly executed (no pun intended) it will no doubt draw in the crowd who love ‘horror flicks’ (and can’t get enough) but will be surprised when they are face to face with life’s biggest and most important questions and will quite likely be drawn more than ever before to read the Bible and find out more about this ‘Carpenter’ of whom the demon often speaks.

Go to this movie.

Take a friend (or five) and make sure you grab your unsaved friends as this is a great Christian conversation starter.

The writers and creators of this flick use the ‘enemy of our souls’ in such a way that you will desire to know more about (hell especially) and ‘legion’ (we are many) and what exactly the Word of God has to say about such things.

It draws one into a place of curiousness and the seeking of answers. We like that it’s not your average, sterile Christian movie where the guy always gets his gal and waltzes off into the sunset. If that’s your type of faith based movie then this is NOT for you.

Demonic possession is wildly and wickedly and precisely displayed in a way that will leave you knowing for sure that evil, the ‘enemy of your soul’ is real and that Christianity trumps all.

Most movies just tell you what to think-this one keeps you guessing and will question what you believe.

Go. Go. Go.

To watch a clip of the movie “Nefarious” click here. (Caution this movie is rated R and is depicts wicked activity and is graphic). Go anyway.

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