Traveling “Persecuted Missionary Billboard” Round Two-Helena MT: 1st Stop AG’s Office!


John Lamb is a man who gets around. Lamb spent four solid hours driving around and around and around Helena today doing what he does best-upholding what is good and true and revealing truth.

(Read about Lamb’s journey below)

“I had a lot of interaction with people today; I spent about an hour in the Capitol meeting people…. I got to meet Rabbi Abraham Goldstein from Israel; he has been traveling with Montana Veterans Alliance. I talked to him about the missionaries and got the opportunity to speak to several other people.

I spent about four hours just driving around in circles around the Capitol and Austin Knudsen office.

(Below is AG Austin Knudsen’s office) You can read here concerning the Attorney General and Assistant Atty General’s involvement in the case concerning the persecuted missionaries.

Multiple people stopped me as I was driving telling me thank you for fighting for these people, one guy said, “I love you John Lamb for what you’re doing; you’re a Warrior.”

(Below- folks at the Capitol need to know the truth about the mistreated missionaries).

“I have several phone numbers to follow up with.”

Well, friends it appears as though Lamb had a fruitful day sharing the truth about the Persecuted Missionaries who traveled through Madison County, MT, and were mistreated and assaulted, and arrested back on that cold wintry day on November 12th, 2022.

To read more in sequence about these maltreated missionaries CLICK HERE.

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