Miles City: Bucking Horse Parade Part 2-Elected Official Verbally Harasses Persecuted Missionaries (footage within)


On Saturday, May 20th an Elected Official (County Attorney of Beaverhead County Jed Fitch) harassed and verbally lashed out at persecuted missionaries Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, and Eric Trent from North Carolina. It is believed that Fitch is possibly from Miles City (Southeastern MT) but has been the County Attorney in Dillon, Mt for some time now.

A gentleman who knew who Fitch was stood close to Fitch at the parade and stated that “the man had been drinking.”

Jesse Boyd had this to say,

“Is it appropriate for an elected official in Montana to be drunk in the middle of the day and to yell and curse at peaceful Christian preachers talking about Jesus and exercising their constitutional rights? Is it appropriate for that elected official to tell Christians they aren’t welcome in Montana and to “Get out!” Is it appropriate for that same elected official to call Christians “criminals” and “felons” who are innocent until proven guilty?”

Boyd continued,

“We know who you are Mr. Elected Official. You who pointed your finger and screamed as I was peacefully preaching about Jesus Christ:

“Go home convict … I don’t make you do nothing, you’re convicts, you’re felons.”

You are the same guy who screamed at us to “Go home, go home” in the parade. We know who you are. Stay tuned folks … elected officials are to be held to a higher standard of conduct. Haranguing folks who are peaceably exercising their first amendment rights according to religious conscience, while accusing them of being guilty of crimes for which they have never been convicted, is unbecoming for a man elected to represent the State of Montana and the people of a particular county in a court of law. This is indeed Austin Knudsen’s Montana, where outsiders aren’t welcome to exercise their constitutional rights and liberties and where strangers are guilty until proven innocent.” #thelongwalkusa

Most interestingly a resident from Dillon when interviewed revealed this about County Attorney Fitch,

“I can tell you now, don’t care for him, big ego, wannabe cowboy, favors people in court, tries to become the “limelight” at events, wanted recognition on a parade for disabled adults- moved here from some other town.”

You can view the video footage where County Attorney Jed Fitch verbally harasses the missionaries by clicking here. (Fitch can be seen in the still shots below in the white shirt, jeans, and white cowboy hat).

To view entire street preaching that day simply click here.

Click here if you care to call the County Attorney’s office in Beaverhead County sharing that you don’t appreciate such behavior from an elected official.

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