Why I Invested in the New Movie ‘Pharma’ and the Connection to Our Current ‘Nightmare’


Most everything I get involved with I pray about. Now mind you that does NOT mean every decision I make is perfect by any means but I do try my best to be conscientious. And heaven knows not every project I get involved in includes a ‘monetary’ return in my favor (in fact most do not). Many just have eternal value regardless of my seeing a monetary return and often times it’s me exerting the monetary ‘payout’ where I will receive (I hope) a heavenly reward.

About three months ago something fascinating caught my eye. Along my news feed was a ‘crowd-funding’ opportunity for a new movie coming out entitled “Pharma.”

This crowd funding is put forth by a company which helps get new movies off the ground via ‘Angel Funding’.

The way it basically works (I believe) is ‘Angel Funding’ tries to obtain about .5 million of their funding from the general public after which point other larger donors ‘kick in’ funds to get the ball rolling. It appears that most movies require about 6 million to then begin production. There is also a cut-off limit as to when the general public can invest for a monetary return and once it’s closed it’s closed.

Now as an aside let me state that I do not endorse every movie that ‘Angel Funding’ crowd funds for. They have received funding for such movies as ‘The Chosen’ (which I absolutely do NOT recommend) and “His Only Son” (which if it’s anything like The Chosen I wouldn’t endorse either). (Click anywhere within the paragraph to learn more about Angel Funding.)

But with all this said there is a particular reason I chose to invest in or fund the ‘Pharma’ movie in particular. To begin with, it takes place in the era in which I was a child. The movie features the life of Dr. Frances Kelsey as well as Ashley Bratcher the actress who starred in ‘Unplanned’ and who exposes and fights the massive FDA Pharmaceutical companies pushing the drug Thalidomide’. Her and Kelsey’s goal was to get (no matter the backlash) the maddening and morbid drug off the market.

When I was a child I lived in Beaverton Oregon; my mother worked in a big electronic factory and one day a friend brought her baby to work in the early 60s. My mother removed the baby’s ‘blankey’ and discovered to her horror that the infant was missing limbs. (Which exact limbs I do not remember but I remember how heartbroken my mother was over that and how thankful she was that she had not ingested the toxic substance when she was pregnant with my sister and me). (photo credit unknown below-Phillipa Brandbourne — thalidomide victim)

I too remember seeing a boy at the pool when I was perhaps about 8 years old in Portland, Oregon and he was missing legs and then again when I moved to Whitefish, Mt where I skied as a teenager I remember a young woman who skied without arms. (Skiing is no easy task even with all your extremities and I was amazed at her efforts).

Because I grew up in the 1960s and saw firsthand (as did my mother) the ill effects of this demon drug I had no problem investing in a movie that I thought everyone on earth should view.

But there is more to why I felt I must do so.

In my mind I believe ‘Pharma’ is really about ‘Covid-19’ and even though one is a pill and one is a toxic injection the premise of both remains the same and that is both pharmaceuticals were put out with little to no testing and quickly. Many ‘Thalidomide’ babies died and many lived and with difficult horrible lives and some with far worse than the missing limb issue. It is my hope and prayer that perhaps those who view it will think twice about receiving the mortifying “CV-19” injections which mar and kill many or harm them for life via ongoing chronic heart issues etc. just like those dear babies of the 60’s endured and still endure hardships to this day.

What’s even more catastrophic is the fact that the drug Thalidomide was used experimentally on victims of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany (click here for details).-AHRP

Evidence of Thalidomide’s Nazi Roots
“For decades Grünenthal officials adamantly denied that Thalidomide had been developed during WWII. The company has insisted that three of its scientists developed Contergan /Thalidomide in 1952 with no connection to Rohne-Poulenc. However, recently uncovered documents dated 1944 and 1946, contradict their assertions and  confirm long-held suspicions that Thalidomide was developed by Nazis who tested the drug on concentration camp victims (Andrew Levy. Nazis Developed Thalidomide And Tested It On Concentration Camp Prisoners, Author ClaimsDaily Mail, Feb. 2009)”

Do I think I will make a return on my money? Maybe or maybe not. But regardless I hope I did my part if even one person thinks twice about taking the ‘shot to Auschwitz’ (Covid Injections) because just like Thalidomide’s evil “Nazi Roots” the Covid Injections are nefarious and deadly.

To learn more about ‘Pharma’ click here and here.

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