Like ‘Held vs State’ IPCC Aims to Distort Science Leading to Politically Corrupt Agenda


The following is a long article but an extremely important one. It exposes the danger of the “Climate Change Agenda” (and it is an Agenda and a dangerous one at that). Be sure to pass along this very important information everywhere as the public needs to understand the unbelievable foolishness that’s being perpetrated worldwide.

Originally published on May 4, 2023

Note: This week’s set of Energy Talking Points is long, and took both me and Steffen Henne (my Head of Research) a long time time to prepare. We thought it was worth the effort to create (and is worth your effort to read) because the subject matter, the UN IPCC’s recent Synthesis Report, has a huge influence on global energy policy. And it is just an absolute piece of garbage. Yet it’s gotten very little pushback. We hope that demolishing the “Report” in detail will help discredit the current state of the IPCC, which at this moment is one of the most destructive forces in the world.

The IPCC’s heralded Synthesis Report is supposed to accurately synthesize the best information about human beings’ climate impacts in order to rationally guide policy.

Instead, it severely distorts science to advance a corrupt political agenda.

  • The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published, to great fanfare, its “Synthesis Report” (SR)—the culmination of its lengthy 6th “Assessment Cycle” of reports on various aspects of human beings’ climate impacts and their implications for policy.1
  • The Synthesis Report is supposed to accurately synthesize the best info about human climate impacts—including the threats of dangerous temps, storms, floods, etc—to rationally guide policy, above all what to do about fossil fuels, the leading cause of climate-warming GHGs.
  • Because of the Synthesis Report’s prestige, the world took it very seriously when they heard about its dire claims. E.g., UN Chief Antonio Guterres saying we can’t have a “liveable future” if we don’t take “urgent climate action”—above all rapidly eliminating fossil fuel use.2 UN no livable future
  • Even skeptics of the IPCC Report’s drastic calls for rapidly eliminating fossil fuels—often via means that give enormous power and money to favored politicians—may feel uncomfortable questioning a “scientific” Report.But a common-sense reading reveals that it’s total garbage.
  • A proper climate synthesis report must cover 2 key issues:
    1. An evenhanded (covering minuses and pluses) and precise account of our climate impacts.
    2. An account of our ability to master climate danger, including the use of fossil fuel to neutralize its own negative climate impacts.
  • 1 An evenhanded and precise account of our climate impacts.With rising greenhouse gasses we must consider both negatives (e.g., more heatwaves) and positives (e.g., fewer cold deaths, global greening from CO2). And we must be precise, not equating some climate impact with huge impact.
  • 2 An account of our ability to master climate dangerAny valid climate synthesis must account for climate mastery, because the same fossil fuels that impact climate can also neutralize negatives—e.g., via fossil-fueled air conditioning to alleviate heat and irrigation to alleviate drought.
  • You don’t need to be a scientist to know that a proper climate synthesis report should include both an evenhanded and precise account of our climate impacts and an account of our ability to master climate danger.And if you read the IPCC Synthesis it’s obvious it fails at both.
  • I recommend just skimming the IPCC Synthesis Report, linked below—this report that is supposed to be so brilliant—and just ask yourself if it is remotely evenhanded about human impact on climate, or if it accounts for our mastery of climate.
    UN IPCC AR& Synthesis Report

You can read the full story by clicking here. By Alex Epstein

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