A Montana Fire Source-“Trains” (Five Fires Extinguished in Olney Alone)


Everyone continues to ask. Where are the fires coming from? Canada? Lightning? Arson?

Well the answer is probably a combination of all of the above.

One fire source that most folks don’t seem to consider is the fires that start as a result of trains causing sparks on the tracks. Five fires have been extinguished in Olney Mt as a result of this. A combination of super hot temperatures, dry forest debris, and heat on metal tracks spell fire. However, as these fires are close to the tracks they are easier to spot and therefore extinguish before heavy disaster strikes.

Having lived in Montana for most of my 50 years I have never recalled such a hot, dry summer with so many fires and dangerous levels. Today’s number is 235 which is dangerously high!

Friends watch closely for evacuation orders.

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