ENOUGH! Assailant Brad Terrell (Madison County) Spews “Demonic Rage” at New Victim (video within)


Brad Terrell (who beat missionary Jesse Boyd last year (on November 12th in Madison, County then played the ‘victim’ with the Deputy Sheriffs and other law enforcement) is at it again. As a result, Jesse Boyd and his missionary team were thrown in jail on false accusations while the perpetrator (Terrell) walked free. And this time he’s harassed and spewed his ‘venom’ at an innocent woman (recently) who rented a motel room for the night at his place of business.

You will come to realize (as you listen and watch the video footage below) that there are definite patterns with Terrell. He harasses people, and he repeatedly states with several he’s provoked and tormented that the Sheriffs are his “buddies” and you had better “watch your back” (threatens them). Below you will see this brave woman come forward and share her story of how “crazy and scary” Brad Terrell is. Many of his neighbors have been treated poorly and in the same manner but are frightened to come forth as they are scared Terrell will retaliate against them. By listening to her story it’s obvious what Terrell is capable of and how dangerous and volatile he is. This is the same man that Attorney General Austin Knudsen and his Assistant Attorney General Thorin Geist are representing while prosecuting four innocent missionaries.

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