Congressional Candidate Arntzen’s Controversial (Even Among Christians) In Vitro Fertilization Stance


In Vitro Fertilization has always been a hot bed of a topic.

Elsie Arntzen is promoting this practice (in a positive light) however many Christians strongly disagree with the idea that IVF is a positive move.

In fact many Christians (myself included) consider IVF to be the murder of children. Please read the article below Arntzen’s Press Release for further information on this subject and clarity. The following is a strong and well founded premise and backed up by facts although presented as an opinion editorial.

“With the news that troubled Christian musician Israel Houghton and his wife recently became parents with a son through the use of a surrogate, which involved multiple rounds of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF,) we wanted to discuss something that should be uncontroversial: IVF is almost always mass murder and the wholesale slaughter of pre-born children.

This is because life begins at conception, and IVF conceives and then kills MILLIONS of babies. Not just by pagan women who have no regard for human life, but IVF is a scourge that has infiltrated Christendom too, with Christian couples bathing their hands in blood. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are five steps involved in IVF:

  1. Doctors stimulate the development of eggs in a woman’s ovaries by injecting her with hormones and fertility drugs.
  2. The eggs are extracted from the woman’s uterus through an invasive surgical procedure.
  3. A male donor produces and donates sperm.
  4. A scientist mixes together the eggs and sperm in a petri-dish. Sometimes, the scientist will puncture the eggs and inject them with sperm (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). The eggs are then monitored until they are fertilized and become embryos.
  5. About 3-5 days later, the scientist places the embryos into the woman’s uterus with a tube (catheter). Implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall or womb is hoped to occur about 6-10 days later.

But IVF is costly, costing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of the expense and the low probability of success upon the first implantation, especially when women are over the age of 35, doctors won’t just create, cultivate and implant a single embryo but rather frequently will extract 20-40 eggs at a time, which are fertilized with the man’s sperm.

Because of the high costs, it is extremely rare for a doctor to cultivate, combine, and implant a single embryo. Instead, they will get a few dozen going and then run genetic health tests and sift through them to find the “healthiest” embryos to implant, usually 2-5 at once, hoping that at least one “takes.” Doctors will monitor, and if “too many babies” are conceived, doctors will use the process of “fetal reduction” or “selective reduction” to eliminate the excess offspring.

What happens to the rest of the unused embryos? The other 25 or so they created and won’t have to use because the woman became pregnant on the third round after blowing through 10 other babies. They are treated as property. They are either destroyed or frozen for years until they are ultimately discarded because the couple gets tired of paying $1000 a year to keep them alive.”

You can read the rest of this eye-opening article by clicking here.  Staff Writer Protestia

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