Sheehy and the SOS Delay (Will Zinke and Sheehy Swap Places at the Last Minute?)


To the best of our knowledge Tim Sheehy (the supposed Almighty MT Senate Sweetheart Candidate) has not yet signed up to run for the Senate position via the Montana Secretary of State. He has, however, signed up with the FEC (Federal Election Commission so he can take in and rake in campaign money) but why the big ‘wait’ to sign up with the Secretary of State? (which all those running via the State of Montana are required to do). And they must do so by March 11, 2024 or they will be stuck as a ‘write-in’ on the ballot.

Why the delay?

The way it appears (and several others agree) there are three possible reasons for such a delay.

  1. He forgot (He’s a ‘newbie’ you know).
  2. He wants to add suspense.
  3. How about the strong possibilitity that Sheehy and Zinke could switch places at the very last second?

Wait a second, back up, what was that?

You read that right.

If Sheehy is delaying the SOS sign up one very strong inclination could be that he and Zinke could just switch places at the very last moment. Think about it. The swampies have wanted Zinke to be a Montana Senator for a long time. But instead here we have a newcomer, (wet behind the ears) running for the huge position of ‘Senator of Montana’ with zero political experience, NONE. Quite frankly many find that downright odd.

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Zinke on the other hand has much political experience (and much of it is appalling to many Montanans). And Zinke knows this. He was so reluctant to even verbally debate publicly against those running for Congress in his District. So why not bring in a new, young, fresh, candidate? Then when the time is just right Zinke could very well turn the tide and jump in to run for Senator. Zinke has done HUGE favors for the young Sheehy (watch for upcoming articles in regard to that). The possibility could become a reality of Sheehy switching to U.S. Congressional Rep. because let’s face it Sheehy owes Zinke.

The Senate position is also a 6 year stint while that of U.S. Congressional Rep. is only every 2 years. The latter is an overwhelming hassle campaign wise. (Why does Tester want to stay so badly? It’s a gravy position in that he only has to show up every 6 years). And it can go on forever and ever and ever and ever.

And don’t forget this has happened before in Montana politics and it can most certainly happen again. Remember Daines and Rehberg and how that transpired in 2011?

Oh yeah, that.

Daines ‘switched camps’ at the last minute from running for Senate to House and Rehberg left the House race to run for the Senate. Click here and here for more information on that event.

But back to Zinke and Sheehy; don’t put it past these two who could very well switch rolls in the ’11th hour’.

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