MT Op-Ed: Lily Gladstone Montana’s Sweetheart for ‘Best Actress’ (By Saying Nothing You Said It All)


What many had hoped would be a ‘Best Actress’ Academy award didn’t turn out that way for Montana’s own-(and born in Kalispell) Lily Gladstone. It just didn’t pan out as many of us hoped and imagined.

Numerous Montanans had high hopes that Lily would’ve taken home the Oscar (and not just because she’s “From Montana”) although that’s an awesome reason for us! Lily deserved to win (or at least tie) in my opinion.

Gladstone’s performance was exemplary in every way. She embodied the heart and soul of Mollie Burkhart and until the bitter end.

Here’s the issue with me. Obviously Emma Stone is a superb actress there’s no doubt about that. She was smashing in “The Help” and has won an Oscar previously. However, in my mind, I’m pondering “How could Lily not have won; her performance was spectacular and so was “Killers”!

I don’t go to ‘X’ rated movies and rarely do I see ‘R’ rated ones either. So the chances are slim to nothing that I will ever see ‘Poor Things’ with the star Emma Stone. Let’s back up a bit. The reason I stated that about the ‘X’ rated movies is because in several reviews I read people shared how they felt ‘Poor Things’ should have been rated ‘X’ and not ‘R’ (and especially due to its sexual content). I also stated I don’t see many ‘R’ rated movies either however, I felt compelled to view ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ and I’m glad I did. It is mainly because of the violent nature depicted in the movie which won it an ‘R’ rating. (Truth be known the actual real-life events were probably more gruesome than in the film).

The academy sees it differently than I do. I won’t watch ‘Poor Things’ because the sexual scenes would bother me. Therefore I will not see Emma Stone in ‘Poor Things’ and the academy no doubt has different elements that they are looking for in the “Best Actress” category than in the “Best Picture” category.

In my finite thinking, I tend to mix the two at times.

Still, I was mesmerized by the young Lily Gladstone, especially in the way she understated so much in the film. In many ways, it was her silent moments that endeared me to her the most as an actress, and my friends which is rare to see and even harder to do. Because in a good portion of the movie, she said everything by saying nothing.

Like Lily, I too have a background in Theater as I studied at the U.M. as a Theater/Dance major (before Lily was born) and have a performance/studio degree and a B.A. from MSU in Theatre Arts. And unlike Lily, she went on to be a national star, and I am the mother/grandmother of many and run a news source.

However one thing I know. One of the very toughest things to do as an actress is to be silent and yet have your expressions state precisely and exactly what you’re feeling, living, and portraying at the moment for that is far more difficult than talking.

Well played Gladstone, well played. In the hearts of most of the Montanans I know as well as numerous others you’re number 1.

(Art work credit Ernesto Yerena)

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