Bozeman MT: Bozeman City Commission Members Refuse ‘Third Party Investigation’


Several City Council members in Bozeman are anything but what they pretend to be meaning, just, transparent, willing to listen to the public, builders of trust, and more. Watch (at the end) as activism advocate Jena Nash Reno speaks before the Council members and voices her concerns.

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Reno stated,

“Their hypocrisy is stunning. They didn’t want any investigation because they couldn’t control it. At the first City Manager hearing Jennifer Magick said if there was an investigation they needed to be able to ” put some guardrails” around it. They just didn’t want all their own dirty deeds exposed by any type of Ethics or Third Party Independent Investigation. And they would have been. They were covering their butts plain and simple.

Anna Bentley should be fired. The regime ignores her complicity in the video, her echoing of the same character traits that were used to justify the removal of Mihelich, and her continuous blunders as a city employee.

Chris Coburn, a man defined by all things idol worship and virtue, was the original thought leader behind the third-party investigation. From the moment that idea left his mouth, you could see a regime caught off guard by the notion that there would be a bright light shed upon the darkness of the group-think and collusion in our city. Chris had a change of heart when it came time to vote. How about the completely unqualified deputy mayor, whose campaign was about socialism, rebuilding trust, and listening to the people? Well, Joey also proved agenda over truth, yet again. The hypocrisy is nothing new. Nobody believes Morrison is a serious man, but there are clear patterns that indicate Mihelich was accurate about the two Joeys that exist.

In a pre-planned effort to quell dissent, show unison, and expedite getting the hell away from any form of investigation, the five stooges voted to “move past this issue” in order to continue destroying Bozeman. This was truly a missed opportunity for real leadership to shine. “We’re not only not going to investigate; we’re going to keep it confidential.”

Another resident shared the following,

“Nobody believed that the regime would follow through on their narratives of “justice,” transparency, listening to the public, building trust, and making the correct decision to pursue an investigation into the collusion, deceit, and culture of corruption that exists in our city. They entertain endless tantrums from Bozeman Tenants United, and who throw away money for needless studies, cannot find it within themselves to put time and resources toward proving to the residents of this city that they are serious about exhibiting the very character traits they say they espouse. We all know why this is. Their “values” are all garbage.”

To view Reno speaking before the Council click here and scroll down the page.

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